fun fact! (leave yours too!)


Every once in a while it occurs to me that many people know me via my blog, but not much more! I would love love love it if you left a random fact about you in the comments below; there are so many of you that I know via your blogs as well, and I love our virtual community! So, to kick off the random fact party, I’ll share a few! I’ll spare the I ❤ fashion fact, because you all already know that.

I love to read. When I was a kid, my parents read to us nightly and always brought us on trips to the library and the bookstore, which I think created a strong love of books in me. Used bookstores and libraries are probably some of my most favorite places on Earth.

I love label makers. I will label just about anything and everything. My closet is full of labeled bins 🙂 It just makes life easier when you can find whatever you need, whenever you want, right?!

I didn’t always like dogs. When I was a kid, I LOVED animals and learning about them. (You can ask any member of my family about my ongoing love of whales.) When I met my to-be husband, he mentioned he wanted to get a dog. I was so stressed out, I couldn’t imagine caring for a dog. HA! I love our dog to bits now, and will now approach any dog imaginable on the street like a total creep. “CAN I PET YOUR DOG?!”

Dress: c/o Sammydress ($16)

Leave a random fact below- should you so choose! I would love to hear about you, readers!


91 thoughts on “fun fact! (leave yours too!)

  1. I’m an avid bookworm, too! I took books everywhere, from the time I was a baby. When I was a toddler, I used to “break” into my grandparents’ coat closet (where they kept a huge box of my Little Golden Books when I wasn’t there) and “read” the books. They eventually put some string on the end of the light pull so I could turn the light on by myself. The upshot is that I started reading-for-real around my third birthday. Best. Day. Of. My. Life.

      • ahem,….yes tea snob here too. (full leaf, never bag) but didn’t want to reveal too much at one time. LOL 😉 fave coffee right now? ~ local dark roast Peruvian from our exclusive nano roaster Gilda.

      • Wow I love everything about this 🙂 that coffee sounds amazing! Hmmm favorite tea….I picked up a homemade blend of loose tea from Puerto Rico that I really loved- it was a tropical theme and really wonderful. But I also love those tea blossoms- are you familiar? It’s a ball that opens up into a flower? I save those for special days! What about you??

      • PR tea sounds yum. Yes tea blossoms are a lovely experience as is most tea I think. Right now we enjoy a cuppa rolled leaf green tea &jasmine from local co-op. Cold or hot,simple divine. Do you have a fave local tearoom? could be a great photo op spot eh? ~cheers

  2. Random fact: I use to be terrified of dogs and cats. Thankfully I got through my fear and love walking up to them to pet them😍. I love to read too, I have a library that’s getting a bit out of control lol.

  3. Hard to believe that gorgeous dress is only $16. I’ve been wanting to wear more dresses and actually wore one the other day. This dress is one I would LOVE to wear and looks fantastic on you. Let me see …. something about me. When I was 19, I went to Italy and certain parts I just fell in love with and felt as though I had come home. I would love to some day return to live there. No I don’t even know the language and speaking of, it would depend on where I decided to live in order to know the language. There are SO many dialects of Italian that each one is like a separate language. Yep, that is something about me that you know now. 😘

  4. Yes, understand the label maker, plastic bins, and decorative boxes. 😄 We all need help with organization and cleaning out unused items.

  5. Random fact is that I’m a kindergarten teacher. I love the book fact and totally agree! It’s hard to find a teacher who doesn’t also love to read. What have you read that’s good lately?

  6. I cannot believe this is a real fact about me, but… I didn’t always like dogs, either! Growing up, my parents were overwhelmed enough with kids and working and all that, so we never had a pet… now I’m hands-down obsessed with dogs. Like, I’m the crazy lady talking to dogs from yards away when I don’t know their owners. It’s fine. 🙂

    • 🙂 I love both of these facts!!!! I love ice cream year round too!! I’m always the one in the group asking if anyone wants to grab ice cream in the middle of winter- lol! Love that we share this!!! Xo

  7. Wow I really enjoyed reading this post!
    Hmmm… tbh I’m going on 26 yrs and I’m only barely learning how to be fashionable! Lol maybe a lil bit lame so Ill give another fun fact about myself – I absolutely love pennies.

  8. Random fact that surprises even me: I love working with miniatures in 1:12 scale. It makes me sound like an old lady who always wears purple and has twenty cats. (For the record, neither is true of me.) If you want to be amazed with a creative group of people, check out the world of miniature artists. There’s everything from Historical to Steampunk to Harry Potter. It’s a fun world to explore, even if you don’t want to work with minis.

    On a fashion note- keep up these fabulous posts! I love getting a peek at what you’re wearing when I’m not around. No wonder that closet of yours is a bit crowded (but perfectly organized). 😉❤️

    • This certainly doesn’t make you sound like an old lady with cats- it makes you sound like a fascinating and creative woman (which you are!). It’s a fun world to explore- and witness and learn about!!

      And oh my…well yes my closet is on the crowded side, but I swear, I did clean out two giant bags worth of clothing in the past two months!! #donate #passon

  9. that dress is sooo pretty! Random fact about me I met a monstrous man who held me captive, and after two years of torture told me he was going to kill me, he succeeded with me in a clinical death. I live with the consequence of him, I lost the ability to walk, talk, live normally. I was terrified to talk about him until a year ago, No one on social media knows that I spend most of my life in hospitals spinal clinics relearning to walk, to live normally. And when I am strong enough I would like to put out a book about my experience

  10. When I was younger, I hated reading. My parents always read to me and I really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t bring myself to read a book by myself. Now I stay up the entire night to finish my book.

  11. I love all animals. Everyone was freaked out when my dad brought home a tarantula as my pet when i wanted a bunny, but i learned that all animals are the same. Theyre just trying to do what they do. I then wanted all sorts of pets like a bearded dragon to a chinchilla. Right now I just have two dogs but theyre a handful!

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