(not yet) sunday fun day


Shout-out to Sunday, even though it’s clearly not Sunday today. But, I just had to post this top my mom snagged for me. She knows Sunday is usually my day off, and cause for celebration! So…I’m celebrating mid-week this week…just a few days early! Happy mid-week, all!

Top: (gift)

Jeans: Gap ($20 marked down from approx $60)

Blazer: Zara (approx $30 marked down from approx $100)

Necklace: Vera Wang for Kohl’s (can’t remember!)

Shoes: Betsy Johnson via Marshall’s ($50 marked down from $160)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Blazers seem to be the one item I wear most frequently for work. You’re an instant professional in a blazer, if you ask me! I snag a lot of mine via Rue La La or via vintage finds at thrift stores. I’m not sure about the rules of white with blazers and Labor Day, blah blah, but I’m positive a white blazer in winter looks super winter white chic! 

2) I don’t wear a lot of t-shirts to work, but when I do, I always add the following accessories: jazzy heels or flats, a blazer, and a statement necklace. When you combine all of these components, you get a pretty professional look, depending on your work environment. If you give it a try, let me know! 

Thanks for stopping by, readers! Have a fabulous rest of the week!

happy heart day!


Happy heart day, readers! I’m thrilled to run with a theme- are you surprised? So, I pulled out my heart button down and new red Milly coat I got online at ThredUp. As I mentioned in my last couple of posts, this was the item that I really love that I got at Thred up. I am exceptionally thrilled with the quality of the coat; it was exactly as listed. Happy heart, indeed. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is able to spend time time with friends, family, or on their own- just enjoying the day!

Heart top: beachlunchlounge via TJ Maxx ($20 marked down from $60)

Necklace: Bauble Bar ($28 marked down from $34)

Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft ($5 marked down from approx $70)

Shoes: Ivanka Trump via DSW ($15 marked down from approx $120)

Jacket: Milly via ThredUp ($15, retails for approx $600)

Woo hoo! It’s #monthlymani time! The theme this month is Modern Romance. I found this fab Christian Siriano polish set at Walgreens for $5 (!!) and was so pumped, I used every color to create an updated ombre look. A photo of the set is pictured above, as are a few of my fav Heart Day items…and of course, my #monthlymani. Be sure to head over to Kristi to check out super chic and modern mani themed nails!

another year…blogaversary and birthday!


It’s about that time again- I’m celebrating my blogaversary and birthday! When I think back over the past few years, it’s amazing how many things have changed since I started the Fashion Huntress. Despite all these changes, the one constant has been the endlessly positive support of the people around me, including, you, the readers of this humble endeavor. This blog is a true labor of love and it’s been so wonderful to get to know people near and far through the adventure. Shout-out to all of you, and my loving friends and family, as we cheers to another year!

The Fashion Huntress

Dress: Burberry (gift)
Coat: French Connection (purchased many years ago! Can’t remember price!)
Earrings: Tiffany and Co. (gift)
Tights: H&M ($5)
Shoes: Sophia Webster via Saks Off Fifth ($100 marked down from $450)

totally torn


A Fashion Huntress first: nighttime photos! I got home a little too late for daylight photos, so I gave night photos a try. As promised in my last post, here is the Tory Burch dress I got from ThredUp. Of course, right after I took these photos, one of the buttons fell off the dress completely (photo below). Talk about a fixer upper…I feel like Charlie Brown at Halloween.

s online (see my last post
Blah! This dress was definitely not the “nearly new” quality it was listed as online (see my last post). But, I’ll fix the button, and with a cardigan, you definitely don’t notice any seam issues that I couldn’t fix myself. Sigh. Not a dream come true, in the end. But, it photographed well in the dark. Just don’t look too closely. 😉

Dress: Tory Burch via ThredUp ($10, retails for approx $700)
Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)
Tights: Nordstrom Rack (approx $5)
Shoes: Not Rated via DSW ($50 marked down from $75)


You can read my full review on ThredUp in my last post, as I mentioned. As follow up, the team was not able to find the shirt I had initially ordered that didn’t ship, so that was a bummer. And, this dress ended up with the broken button after I wore it once. I don’t think this changes my overall opinion of their site, I would just say buyer beware and be prepared for returns, if needed!

try, try again: thredup buying review

In the spirit of trying new things, I decided to give online consignment a whirl and placed my first order with ThredUp. They were running a $50 off and free shipping sale, so it seemed like the perfect time to try it out. The following opinions are completely my own, and ThredUp is not involved in this review.

So. I ordered a few items- all of which were categorized in the “This item is in excellent condition. You might mistake it for brand new!” category. Alright, alrighttttt, feeling good, readers. I was feeling good. I waited patiently for my box to arrive. And arrive it did. I’ll give ThredUp a ton of credit on their shipping time and “wrapping.” Everything was wrapped nicely in tissue paper and the shoe box was bubble wrapped. What happened next was a bit of a let down. First, one of the tops I ordered wasn’t included in the order. In lieu of that top was a different top that I did not order. ….okay…(photo below). Not a Marc Jacobs top…and appears to be a nightgown.
Then, I looked over the Tory Burch dress I had ordered. Nearly new? Not so much. It had a number of issues (photos below). This was particularly surprising to me because they reportedly accept a small percentage of what people send to them, and this dress was in bad shape. Almost every seam was struggling:
I contacted ThredUp and heard back the next day. 10 emails back and forth later, the customer service agent was incredibly helpful and did offer a free return and full refund on whatever I wanted to send back. The missing shirt that I ordered still hasn’t been located, but I assume they are working on that. Overall, I was really pleased with the customer service aspect of the process. I opted to keep the Tory Burch dress, hopeful that I might be able to sew up the seams myself, but I did ask for an additional discount- which was granted. The highlight of the order was easily the Milly coat, which was in pristine condition and amazingly priced at $18 (it retails for approx $350). I decided to send almost everything else back.
So, in the end was it worth it? …I would say yes, because I really love the Milly coat and you can’t beat the price. I was able to stitch up the Tory Burch dress enough to make the issues unnoticeable (though not nearly perfect); for the $10 I ended up paying, I think it’s a fair deal considering the dress retails for around $700. Lastly, the final sale top I tossed in my cart on a whim was a $70 top that was priced at .70 cents, and was in great condition.
-If there’s a sale (additional discount, free shipping), you can end up with some really great deals- likely far better than you would find in person (especially in the 99 cents section).
-There’s so much inventory, it’s hard to even filter through everything. But, with that much inventory, you can definitely find a few gems. When they run the 99 cents deal, you can dig through a lot of inventory and find a few steals. There’s obviously far more online than you could ever find in an in-person shop. If you like thrift and consignment shopping and the thrill of the dig, this is a fun site to dig through.
-It’s really hard to assess quality on the internet. While descriptors are there, they seem somewhat unreliable and no one probably looks through items the way you would yourself. The “zoom in” feature doesn’t offer much help in terms of inspection, so I felt like I was completely relying on someone else’s judgement of an item’s condition.
-You have to pay to return items unless you’re willing to accept store credit. Final sale items cannot be returned.
-Remember to factor in the cost of dry cleaning to applicable items. Most of what I got was dry clean only and you’re going to want to dry clean these items. While I assume most people clean items before consigning them, you don’t really know.
Bottom line: If you’re willing to be flexible and not get your hopes up, I think ThredUp makes sense for online consignment. My best feedback would be to order when they have a free shipping offer or additional discounts and order a few pieces (there’s  40% off sale happening now). Be prepared to ship things back, and potentially accept store credit to waive the shipping costs to return items. If you’re all in for those constraints, then I think ThredUp could be for you. If you’re into in person inspection and details/don’t want to deal with returns, I would stick with what you know.
I’ll post actual outfit pics of the dress and jacket in my next post! Anyone else have feedback about ThredUp or online consignment?