gray day (rotation time)


Really hazy weather led to some challenges in capturing quality photos this week, readers, so I apologize for the haziness in the photos! Anywho, this is the year I commit to rotation in my clothing, shoes, and coats. I often find myself reaching for my same clothes in winter…just the same boots and coat daily. It’s cold, gray, a bit dreary, often early- it’s easy to just reach for whatever is nearest. But this year I’m committed to truly rotating through my winter items instead of falling into the same routine! The perfect companion to this rotation project is also pairing down and donating what I don’t wear. Win win.

Top: Ann Taylor ($16 marked down from $70)

Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft ($15 marked down from $90)

Tights: H&M ($5)

Shoes: Not Rated via DSW ($50 marked down from $75)

Coat: thrift ($9)

I realized recently that I rely heavily on online reviews when trying new products, but rarely offer my own reviews of products! So, I’d like to occasionally offer feedback on products, as I’m able to do so.

As you can see from the photo on the left, my nails are peeling very badly this winter (my polish peels as a result, as you can also see in the photo!). I use lotion constantly, I use cuticle oil nightly, I use base coat- you name it, I have tried it. While I think these efforts do help, I decided to try the new(er) Essie Treat Love & Color nail treatment. The color is really just a slightly glimmer on your nails, but the collagen added to the nail treatment seems to really be helping with peeling! I’ll report back in a couple of weeks my full opinion of the product- but I can say in week one, my nails have stopped peeling. A small victory for sure!

I found my bottle at Target for $10, but it is sold basically anywhere Essie is sold. More info on Essie Treat Love and Color can be found here.

stop and smell the roses


I’m feeling much better this week, readers; thanks for the well wishes! I have so many things on my mind for the new year- in a good way! With the encouragement and support of my family, I’ve worked on making changes to my schedule to enable me to seek a little more balance. I think it’s so easy to get wrapped up in work, especially when you love what you do. Technology has made our work accessible basically at all times. But, there needs to be time set aside to stop and smell the roses, right? Well, in my case, to stop and photograph my shoes. Cheers to balance, readers!

Sweater suit: St John via thrift ($1, retails for around $500)

Coat: thrift ($9)

Necklace: J Crew ($12 marked down from approx $36)

Shoes: Lula Townsend at DSW ($12 marked down from $79) (I just had them re-heeled and they are good as new!)

Tights: H&M ($5)

Bag: Reed for Kohl’s ($32 marked down from approx $120)


What else is up this week, you ask? A new mani and some thrifted finds!

It’s that time again! Our theme this month for the #monthlymani (with my girl Kristi of Delightfully Kristi) is Frost Bite! I used a baby blue blue base color and then dabbed tissue paper in polish to add gold and glitter on top. Be sure to head over to Kristi to check out her truly awesome “Frost Bite” themed mani- it’s fab!

You can also see the buttons (photos above) that were on that jacket initially that I decided to remove to make the outside of the jacket look a little more sleek. It took just a couple of minutes and I saved the buttons for another project. Easy peasy. Buttons are a super easy way to change up a look- give it a try!