all for fall (nail edition)

I’ve officially shed my pastel and neon polishes and embraced deep hues for fall! This month’s theme for the #monthlymani is the summer to fall transition! Below you can see this week’s manicure, as well as a few from falls in the past. I chose to do an ombre effect glitter for this week, but you can see in the adjacent photo that  I went with all out glitter last year!

img_0902 img_6602

And below are falls past…summer to fall nails…*swoon* I love the changing of seasons!

Be sure to head over to Kristi to check out her #monthlymani this month; her nail art is fab!

Thanks for stopping by, readers! My next post is almost ready to go…how to hunt for deals at Banana Republic! Stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “all for fall (nail edition)

  1. I love the deep red and gold hues for fall – so perfectly seasonal!!! I think the all-over-glitter and red from last year is my favorite, though I know how much glitter sucks to remove, so the glitter ombre is probably much more practical! 😉 Great nails!! 🙂

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