banana (republic) on a budget


As I mentioned in my last post, today I’m talking about making a killing at Banana Republic. September is the time to go if you’re looking to get the best deals on past season clothes (which can totally be worn in fall and winter, if you ask me). Okay, so where do you start? In the clearance section, of course. The photo above is of my local store’s clearance section (which is huge because it’s a flagship store, but I think this applies to all BRs).


You want to look for signs like the one above; these sections make your leg work easier. You might be tempted to start at the $29.99 and under sign, but keep looking around, readers. There’s likely a rack that has better deals (normally further back in the store and/or in a corner).


Here we go. I’m starting to feel good about this sale, but I still think we could do better (although, hello, isn’t that front pink and white sequin skirt too fab??).


THIS is where the magic happens. $9.99 and 40% off…most items will be around $6. SOLD. You might be thinking, “oh, the stuff on that rack won’t be that great.” It can be that great, though! Sneak peek below of what I found…look post to follow!


See? Super easy. People often ask how long it takes me to find good deals. The answer is really not long at all; I shopped the BR sale in about a half hour. The trick is being efficient, sticking to a budget, trying everything on (final sale items are not returnable), and only buying what you truly love (not things ‘just because they are a good price’).

TA DA! Last step: run off into the sunset feeling fab about your superhero skills.


Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! Until next time!


life lately

Eek, I have really been lacking in fashion photos lately…but not in life photos! The start of fall is usually busy and has been especially busy this fall since my husband and I are trying to clean up and organize our house. We’ve only been in our place a few months, but being type A (okay, REALLY type A) means that I want everything in a labeled box/bin/cabinet. If only life were that straightforward, huh? A girl can dream… 🙂 These photos are life lately!