stylin’ a la SJP


I’ve been following Sarah Jessica Parker and SJP shoes on Instagram for a long time now. My obsession with her shoes runs deep. So deep that I recently casually stopped by Nordstrom just to look (aka try on and swoon) at one of my favorite pairs. I mean, how else would I know what size I would need if someone offered to buy me a pair?? (…erm…let’s go with ‘of course, that’s a completely logical reason.’).


SWOON. But back to reality. Sorry SJP, j’adore you, but ouch on the price point ($400 pre-tax). So, I, of course, started Googling SJP shoes and lo and behold, I found some at, which apparently is a sister company of Zappos. Sounds legit. So, I order a fab pair and wait not so patiently. The shoes arrive and here’s what I find:

What in the world? They are unceremoniously dumped in a brown box, without any packaging around them and are completely scuffed. Disappointment ensues. I emailed immediately and expressed my dismay (“why would you ever package shoes like that? Doesn’t SJP deserve some respect? Don’t shoes deserve to be treated well?”). got back to me about 8 hours later (impressed, but I remain skeptical). They offer to return the shoes for free and send a new pair that they promise will be re-packaged. I await another package to arrive. This time- this is what happens:



Bottom line, if you love SJP shoes like I do, check out and online for the real deals. This is not a sponsored post, just my personal experience and opinions. If you do order anything, I would love to hear feedback on the packaging and your experience! If you want to follow SJP style with me, check out my Pinterest board: Stylin’ a la SJP.

I will post how I’m going to style the shoes ASAP, by the way. I was dealing with a broken phone this week, …which is a whole other story. XO, readers!


11 thoughts on “stylin’ a la SJP

  1. Those sparkling hills are adorable, I’d totally wear something like that, but I agree 400 bucks is way too much. I remember when her clothing line first started and was retailing at Steve & Berry’s. The prices were significantly cheaper. Then Steve & Berry’s went out of business, so go figure! It’s awesome that you were able to find a great pair with in your price range. I love that color and the beading across the strap! They’re really cute, and I’d totally wear those too!

    • I KNOW! I actually still have a dress from that line! It was $10!!! But, alas, those days are over. The $400 price tag is just too much to justify. I doubt the mary jane pair will ever really go on much sale since it’s one of their best selling shoes- but oh well! I won’t give up hope!

  2. Those SJP heels are amazing, but that price tag is not! Glad you found another pair you liked at a much more affordable price. Can’t wait to see you style them.

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