fancy free: new format!

My fabulous friend and blogger (and surgeon and photographer, etc etc the list goes on), Andrea of A Spoonful of Sugar Baking gave me the fab idea to blog about picking out outfits and how I shop. Ummm, why didn’t I think of this sooner?

Today’s topic? Shopping for accessories at Nordstrom Rack.
Okay, so I start by putting on shoes, going outside, and walking/driving to the store.
Just kidding. Wow, you don’t need that much detail, right?
Okay, so when you walk in the store, you’re going to see a lot of shiny and glittery items. Walk PAST those items, reader. Just walk on past them. They have no power over you.
Head to the red clearance sign in the accessories section, because this is where you really want to start.
Now that I’m in the clearance section, I look around a little at the racks. Hmm. I’ve seen these Kate Spade necklaces in clearance for a while. Why aren’t they selling, Nordstrom Rack? Eh, the price isn’t great. Pass. Don’t worry, they will probably end up getting reduced again, so just wait it out, if you want/are feeling dedicated.
We continue on through the clearance section, and here we go. You want to look for the red tags with ANOTHER red tag. That’s where you really make dreams come true.
Now, I was in the market for something specific, so I didn’t pick up any of these items. But, you get the sense of how I generally approach the jewelry section. I thought, “I’m looking for a long rose gold necklace. I’ll start in clearance.” Having not found what I was looking for, I moved over to the House of Harlow section. I really like her line of jewelry, and the prices at the Rack are quite good. All of those earrings and necklaces in the photo are House of Harlow.
At this point, Mariah Carey “Now that I know” is on and I start toe tapping and thinking, “huh, wow it’s been a long time since I’ve heard this song; oldie but a goodie…” Then, I tell myself not to succumb to tricky music tactics in stores…but this is totally my jam…okay, focus.
Then, voila! I find my winner! $75 marked down to $24.97.
Now, let’s compare how much House of Harlow there is at Rack (at about 50%-75% off), and the online House of Harlow sale section. Wah wah. Very limited choices (only about 8 items) and not great prices. Why? Apparently it’s all at Nordstrom Rack.
And, of course, here’s how I styled my find:
I’ll do a full post on this look in my next post 🙂
So, what did you think of this blogging format, readers? Hopefully it’s helpful!

17 thoughts on “fancy free: new format!

  1. The format is very fun and creative. Love your style look of the day! This is exactly how I approach shopping, so much so that once when I was out shopping with my close friend she said, wow, you know where all the clearance sections are! We both laughed, and I assured her that she needed to know too!

  2. I always get distracted by all the shiny thing at Nordstrom Rack. I absolutely loved the style of this post I may have to use this in the near future since it’s such a cool concept for a blog post!

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