slowly strolling


Since I’ve been working on “letting go and letting be,” I did the unthinkable during my work day…I went for a walk. A real live walk. And then…I stopped and looked at the river and skyline…and stood there looking. Below is a photo from said walk.


Small victories, people. Learning to relish the small things is where its at, I think.

Top: Halogen via thrift ($3, retails for approx $70)

Skirt: Nicole by Nicole Miller via JCPenney ($20, marked down from $45)

Belt: Old Navy ($1.99 marked down from $7)

Shoes: Kate Spade via Nordstrom Rack ($20, marked down from approx $200)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I last featured this dress as a pattern clash look (below). For this post, I added a white peplum top to streamline the look and keep it simple. I then layered a belt over the peplum top with a color from the skirt to add some additional interest. Voila- same skirt, new look!


2) Still on my thrifting kick, I’ve noticed that holiday weekends tend to be the weekend to sale thrift, which basically means prices are flat-out the lowest they will be (hence $3 for the top in this post). However, it was a big mistake to go at noon on a holiday weekend. Yikes. I could barely find parking and the store was jam packed. Note to self: go early!

Anyone else going for summer walks? Enjoying the weather? Thanks so much for stopping by readers; I appreciate it so very much!

14 replies to “slowly strolling

  1. “Letting go and letting be” love it…after a few grueling nonstop weeks I needed to hear this. Love being able to walk out into nature and go for walk even on my breaks, with some great podcasts or music it recharges you. Obsessed with the neon floral print. xx Rakhi

  2. My husband and I live downtown in our city, and we walk everywhere. When we’re not walking to go places, we just walk for the heck of it. And when that’s not enough, we walk to various parks and walk there, too.

  3. I Citybike a lot but find when I walk I really see the details of the city in a different way. Great change of scene from City skyscrapers to rambling foliage on your walk! X

  4. I loved the dress…. I almost read all your stuff and I really like it. Also I recently started writing stuff about fashion and you are the first one to like it. Thank you so much. My second post is up plz check that out and I would really appreciate some advice too.

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