sunshine shades (of yellow)


Sorry for delay in posts this week, readers! We had some bad weather, so it made it a little challenging to take photos outdoors without snow boots, mittens, and a giant down jacket (not so glam). But, hurray! Sunshine and warmth this weekend! I couldn’t resist sneaking some sun photos in throughout the weekend…

Our dog, Annabelle, couldn’t be happier to see the sun. Neither could I! I picked an outfit of sunshiny yellows to celebrate.

Top: vintage Carolina Herrara via thrift ($3) (shoulder pads and all!)

Blazer/jacket: Ann Taylor via thrift ($7, retails for approx $150)

Jeans: Levi’s ($88)

Necklace: Bauble Bar ($24 marked down from $38)

Boots: Not Rated via DSW ($50 marked down from $75)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) As I’m sure you know from reading the blog, I rarely buy anything full price. However, jeans are one of the rare items I tend not to try and find on sale (if I do it’s a lucky day indeed). I generally just buy one light pair and one dark pair and then rotate them. In the past, I had a bunch of pairs of jeans, but usually ended up wearing the same pair over and over because it was the one pair that I favored and fit me best. Now, I just keep a couple of pairs and wear them all the time- and save myself the trouble of finding a specific fit on sale. Of course, that’s just me! I’m impressed by anyone who can find their fav pair on sale! If you’re in downtown Chicago, the Levi store is on Michigan Avenue is totally worth a visit. My favorite salesperson is Alex- he’s super helpful and honest! 

2) I recently made my first purchase online at Bauble Bar (necklace featured above). I really like what I got, but I felt like the pieces were a little off in color from what I saw online. I also felt as though the scale and size was a little off from online too. However, in the end, I kept everything I got and, for the price, the quality was good. I think next time, however, I will likely measure out pieces before I order them, as clearly the scale and color was a little off (could be me, could be them, who knows). They also sell their jewelry at Nordstrom, so that might be an easier way to assess the size and colors of pieces. 

Anyone else have Bauble Bar reviews? Sending you sunshine and warm vibes from Chicago! Thanks so much for stopping by, readers!

loving lilac


Woo hoo! I finally got to break out my lilac purse today, thanks to a break in the cold. Which made me realize, lilac is definitely underutilized in my wardrobe. Actually, this may be my only lilac item. Ah, the joys of spring pastels…sunshine, the smell of flowers, and new beginnings is in the air.

“The smell of moist earth and lilacs hung in the air like wisps of the past and hints of the future.” -Margaret Miller

Dress: Tory Burch via Nordstrom Rack ($70 marked down from $350)

Jacket: Banana Republic ($30 marked down from $175)

Tights: Gap ($5 marked down from approx $20)

Necklace: Anthropologie (can’t remember anymore!)

Scarf: Kate Spade (gift)

Boots: Express ($20 marked down from approx $70)

Bag: Segolene Paris Noir via Nordstrom Rack ($50 marked down from $400)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) There’s an interesting bin that I have missed in the past at Nordstrom Rack: the clearance purse bin. While I really don’t agree with putting all of the purses in a bin (they can get scuffed!), there are some great finds in the clearance bin (the one from this post). You do need to dig through the bin and make sure the bags haven’t been scuffed or damaged in the bin. Otherwise, there are some real winners in there!

2) Shout-out and thank you to my friend Andrea of A Spoonful of Sugar Baking for the fabulous scarf in this post! She surprised me with a package for my birthday; check out her blog, she’s one of my oldest and most talented friends! 

Anyone else have a favorite spring color? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much; happy Monday!

blogversary and birthday- year 3!


February is an exciting time because it’s both my birthday and my blogversary. Fashion Huntress turns three this year (I’m clearly slightly older than my blog-ha!). As another year passes, I am reflecting on the numerous changes that have occurred, the transitions, the moves, the marriage!, the business, and all the wonderful people I have encountered along the way. I want to thank each and every one of you who have stopped by, left likes, thoughtful comments, support, and so much more over the past year. Cheers to another year!

Striped top: Banana Republic ($12 marked down from $35)

Skirt: Joa via Bloomingdale’s ($20 marked down from $80)

Blazer: Elizabeth and James via Rue La La ($55 marked down from $500)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson via DSW ($15 marked down from $100)

Necklace: H&M ($2 marked down from approx $20)

Tights: H&M ($5)


Thank you so much for stopping by, readers! Cheers to another year and thank you so much for your support! XO, The Fashion Huntress

two tickets (winter edition!)


Well, it’s mid February, so I’m in my usual state of (sort-of) patiently awaiting spring. Let’s take a quick moment to remember the joy of spring…

Okay, back to the current reality. A few months ago, I worked on a collaboration with the fab Amanda of Two Tickets. This bag is one of my favorites in her shop! Amanda hand makes all of her pieces in the US and focuses on self-expression and craftsmanship. Nothing like some fun accessories to brighten a cold winter day, right?

Dress: Calvin Klein via thrift ($5, retails for approx $150)

Jacket: Forever 21 (approx $20, many years ago!)

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack (approx $5 marked down from approx $20)

Tights: Gap ($5 marked down from approx $20)

Bag: c/o Two Tickets

Boots: Crown Vintage via DSW ($45 marked down from $120)


Want to learn more about Two Tickets and Amanda? You can find out more here:

Instagram: @twotickets

It’s monthly manicure time again! This month the theme was metallics! I actually tried out two different looks- see below. And check out the rest of the ladies’ monthly metallic manis!

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 Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! Anyone else dreaming of spring? Hope you have a happy Tuesday!



nothing but nails


With the help of my husband, I finally accomplished my New Year’s resolution (of years 2014, 2015, and 2016): I have officially backed up my photos. It only took three years of a lack of commitment and my phone nearly crashing to make this dream happen. While I was cleaning out of my photos, I found just a few of my manicures I forgot to post over the past year. Oops. Well, better late than never, right?? This post is nothing but nails. Happy weekend!

I’ll be back to regular fashion posts on Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by, readers!

happy hearts


I have spent a lot of time considering how to wear heart prints at work without looking juvenile. Maybe too much time, actually. But, today I just took the plunge and decided not to overthink it. After all, you can add a blazer to just about anything and look like a grown-up, right? …the back bow is featured in the photo below, but I decided to cover that part least for work. Happy hearts (and a secret bow).

Dress (worn as top): Kate Spade NY ($30 marked down from $90)

Skirt: Kate Spade via Saks off Fifth ($35 marked down from approx $90)

Blazer: Zara via thrift ($7, retails for $150)

Leggings: H&M ($5)

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack ($15)

Boots: Crown Vintage via DSW ($45 marked down from $120)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I often seem to forget about the fabulous tip of wearing a dress as a shirt. But, then I remember it, and I see how clever it is all over again! Most dresses can be styled as shirts by wearing a full and longer skirt over them. I’ve found that pencil skirts tend to get too bunched up over a dress, but full skirts gives you a bit room to leave the dress below. Try it out! 

2) This outfit is a mash-up of a variety of pieces (all featured in different ways below). The skirt, blazer, boots, and necklace were all put together for the above happy heart look. I think taking look through your own pieces (and using apps like Pinterest) helps think of your wardrobe in new ways. See the looks below!


Anyone else wearing heart prints? Finding ways to style bold patterns? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much!

rainy gray (with subtle spikes)


It’s always a little odd when there’s a thunderstorm in Chicago in February, which is traditionally the ongoing heart of our winters. But, I’ll take rain over snow any day, so I grabbed my umbrella and shot some photos outdoors in the rain! I’m sporting one of my new favorite jeweler’s pieces: Joomi Lim. Her usage of, and perspective on, spikes just really rocks my world (read more below). I can’t say I was especially drawn to spikes prior to seeing her work…but now find myself feeling like Super Woman in Spikes, thanks to Ms. Lim. It’s a rainy gray day, but I’m still feeling super spiky and strong in spite of it.

Sweater: Banana Republic ($17 marked down from approx $80)

Top: thrift ($3)

Pants: Gap ($5 marked down from approx $60)

Jewelry: all spiked jewelry- Joomi Lim (bracelet $159, rings $150)

Shoes: Nine West via thrift ($12, retail for $100)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) If you aren’t familiar with Joomi Lim, check out this great interview here: Please note this is not a sponsored post, just a shout-out. Some of her pieces are on sale online at Enjoy!

2) I’m not sure what’s happening lately weather-wise, so I find myself dressing half for winter, half for spring (hence the pastels lately). I say, wear what you love and forget about the seasonal rules! It’s more fun that way, anyway. 🙂 And if you’re still in winter mode, Banana Republic has a great sale on winter apparel right now (where I got my sweater featured here), so check it out!

Does anyone else have indie artists they love? Fill me in! Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much!