sunny winter solstice


The winter solstice is tomorrow…and bringing with it 50 degree weather! It’s funny how a little unexpected warmth can add so much joy to the day. I’m even pulling out my hot pink lipstick and mint pants to celebrate. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all! So much to look forward to this week…I’m humming holiday songs and snacking on winter spice cookies. It’s a sunny winter solstice to celebrate…

Top: Finders Keepers via If Chic (approx $120)

Pants: NYDJ via Nordstrom Rack ($20 marked down from $110) NYDJ sale

Blazer: Banana Republic via thrift ($5)

Necklace: J Crew ($70 marked down from $150)

Shoes: Tahari via DSW ($17 marked down from approx $120)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) The post holiday sales will start next week; so, if you’re looking for something specific, next week is a good week to start looking. Winter apparel will start to go on sale in January, and should be on clearance by February and March, if you want to stock up for next year. I generally stock up on next year’s winter basics (scarves, socks, gloves) at the tail end of winter and find the best deals. I tend to like the Gap winter sales the best since items starting approaching <$5 for winter basics! Keep an eye out for pieces you want to pick up when they go on sale. 

2) If you follow my blog fairly regularly, you know that I’m basically obsessed with blazers. And yes, I get almost all of them at thrift stores. Blazers are very easy to thrift for since they don’t really need to be a specific size (like shoes or pants, which are more challenging to thrift and find in good condition). I always dry clean mine and don’t bother with trying to gently wash them myself (since most need to be dry cleaned anyway!). You do need to factor in the cost of dry cleaning, though if you don’t already have one, affordable dry cleaners are out there. I found mine on yelp! 

I hope everyone has a great start to the week! Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! Happy holidays!


8 replies to “sunny winter solstice

  1. You always have the best shoes! I have the urge to buy them off of you every time I see a new post. I really love how you mix and match your prints too. 🙂 I hope your holidays are fantastic! 🙂

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