hide and seek pink


Maybe it’s the tree, or the general backdrop, but this set of photos definitely made me think of a game of hide and seek…that I’m apparently playing with myself and my tripod. Ha! Either way, With autumn slowly showing its lovely face in Chicago, I’m sneaking in the last of my bold summer colors and dresses. Speaking of transitions, many of you know that I recently transitioned workplaces. This is indeed a summer and, now fall, of transitions. You can see photos of my “going away” shoe cake and taking my last workplace steps with some of my girls below. This is my hide and seek pink- I’m definitely seeking and embracing the future! Thank you for all of your warm wishes!


Dress: TJ Maxx ($7 marked down from approx $50)

Blazer: thrift ($5)

Shoes: Nine West via thrift ($2, retail for $90)

Belt: Nine West via TJ Maxx ($12 marked down from $35)

Necklace: TJ Maxx ($15 marked down from $60)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) This dress was sadly hanging on the clearance rack due to a small gap/missing stitches along the seam near the zipper. Hence, the markdown to $7. Missing stitches along a seam are basically the easiest of all alterations! It takes just a few minutes to fix that type of issue- and can be done either by hand or by machine. Not sure if the missing stitches are along a seam? Reach inside the garment and gather the fabric with your fingers. If you are gathering along existing stitches, then you are looking at a 2-5 minute fix! Don’t pass up an “faulty” find if you can fix it…on the other hand, don’t grab something with high hopes of fixing it if it’s not fixable (been there, done that! still hanging in my closet un-fixed!).

2) While this is clearly a very bright “summer dress,” I plan to transition this dress to fall with some tights, and boots! I also think it would be fun to layer it by wearing a sweater over the dress and wearing it as a full skirt. Again, it was likely also on clearance due to being a “summer item” but think outside of the box- and get more wear out of your clothing!

Thanks so much for stopping by readers! Photos from my going-away are below!

the top of my cake; our lovely staff having modeled the shoe after my very own shoe!
shoe that inspired the cake!
last work steps with some of my lovely ladies…now friendship steps await!

14 replies to “hide and seek pink

  1. That’s so thoughtful of your coworkers to make a cake after your shoe! The best part about changing workplaces is that your ex coworkers become relabeled as friends. =)

  2. Seriously you could style anything and it would look so amazing! I have a bit of shoe envy every time you share one of the pair of heels that you own. Beautiful outfit like always!

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