a single step


Ta da! Well, I’m debuting my blog as my own photographer now! Given my change in work, I’ve taken to having more balance and time in my life, which is both weird…and liberating all at once! So, I pulled out a tripod and a bluetooth remote- and here I am, Fashion Huntress photographer! Thanks for all of your support and patience while the blog took a backseat to life. But I’m back and it all started with a single step…

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu


Dress: Liberty of London for Target via thrift ($5)

Shoes: Kate Spade Saturday ($25 marked down from $70)

Earrings: Nordstrom Rack ($5 marked down from $35)

Bag: TJ Maxx ($15 marked down from $60)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) If you have not yet heard, the Kate Spade Saturday line is no more. As a result, the line is all over TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I’ve predominately seen jewelry and shoes, so keep a look out for the Kate Spade Saturday finds! The tags for the jewelry are black and white, and the shoe boxes are beautiful pastel colors. If you’re interested, keep a lookout before the rest of the line is gone!

2) Liberty of London is totally one of my favorites…though the prices keep me a little at bay. However, the Liberty of London for Target line is definitely much more affordable. There’s also a Liberty of London pop-up shop at Nordstrom, though the prices are more along the lines of the standard Liberty of London shop. If you’re looking for the fab prints, but on a slightly more affordable scale, I recommend checking out the Liberty of London for Target line. I’ve found it at thrift shops and online (via Ebay, etc).

Anyone else finding either line around their local shopping towns? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! So glad to be back!

28 replies to “a single step

    1. Thanks!! I actually found the tripod and the remote on Amazon, for a total of $20! I decided to start small with low tech and move up if needed- but thus far, both have totally worked 🙂 good luck if you decide to make the change as well!!

      1. Ooh that’s fab (and tempting) and I’m gonna start low-tech and see if I can even do it ha ha 🙂 And they look great! Can’t even tell that they’re tripod pics! xx

  1. Gorgeous! I need to go check out TJ Maxx! Also your pictures look great, you’re doing a wonderful job taking them yourself. 🙂

  2. Look at you girl going full blown photographer. I love it! You’ll have to share you secrets to taking your own picture sometime. I’ve tried in the past with a tripod with not much luck but I do have an old camera ( 2008) and the remote distant is very short. I’m thinking about upgrading my camera in the next few months.
    Anyhow on to you outfit, great dress and print!

    xo, jackie

    1. Thanks!! I’ve been using my iPhone and an iPhone tripod-which makes the photos and editing super easy. The other nice thing about the iPhone is I can see the photos as I’m taking them on the screen, so that helps a little- I may switch over to a camera at some point…if you end up getting a new one, let me know what you get~!!

  3. Welcome back huntress!!!! 😍❤️😍 oh those katespade heels look amazing!! And that’s my favourite quote! Congrats on the self photography- you’ve done a pretty amazing job there !! Hehe

  4. Congrats girl! These pictures turned out great! What kind of camera are you using! My tri-pod is my life haha. I’m curious did you change jobs!? Are you working part time is your blog taking off and you can work less hours!! I need to know haha. Sending hugs and good vibes your way!

    1. Ha! I wish, but no! I am working less hours, but it’s because I’m now fully self-employed and my job calls for less hours than when I was working a full time and a part time job! It’s a lot of up-front work, so I’m still catching up on my blog in the meantime!! Thank you soon much for the well wishes :)!! XO

  5. Woohoo!! I know how liberating and scary it was for me when I went/go solo sometimes. Congrats on the job change lady!! I am sure your best friend misses taking your awesome photos!! Love this beautiful summer dress on you, so flowy and feminine.

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