hide and seek pink


Maybe it’s the tree, or the general backdrop, but this set of photos definitely made me think of a game of hide and seek…that I’m apparently playing with myself and my tripod. Ha! Either way, With autumn slowly showing its lovely face in Chicago, I’m sneaking in the last of my bold summer colors and dresses. Speaking of transitions, many of you know that I recently transitioned workplaces. This is indeed a summer and, now fall, of transitions. You can see photos of my “going away” shoe cake and taking my last workplace steps with some of my girls below. This is my hide and seek pink- I’m definitely seeking and embracing the future! Thank you for all of your warm wishes!


Dress: TJ Maxx ($7 marked down from approx $50)

Blazer: thrift ($5)

Shoes: Nine West via thrift ($2, retail for $90)

Belt: Nine West via TJ Maxx ($12 marked down from $35)

Necklace: TJ Maxx ($15 marked down from $60)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) This dress was sadly hanging on the clearance rack due to a small gap/missing stitches along the seam near the zipper. Hence, the markdown to $7. Missing stitches along a seam are basically the easiest of all alterations! It takes just a few minutes to fix that type of issue- and can be done either by hand or by machine. Not sure if the missing stitches are along a seam? Reach inside the garment and gather the fabric with your fingers. If you are gathering along existing stitches, then you are looking at a 2-5 minute fix! Don’t pass up an “faulty” find if you can fix it…on the other hand, don’t grab something with high hopes of fixing it if it’s not fixable (been there, done that! still hanging in my closet un-fixed!).

2) While this is clearly a very bright “summer dress,” I plan to transition this dress to fall with some tights, and boots! I also think it would be fun to layer it by wearing a sweater over the dress and wearing it as a full skirt. Again, it was likely also on clearance due to being a “summer item” but think outside of the box- and get more wear out of your clothing!

Thanks so much for stopping by readers! Photos from my going-away are below!


the top of my cake; our lovely staff having modeled the shoe after my very own shoe!


shoe that inspired the cake!


last work steps with some of my lovely ladies…now friendship steps await!

vintage vibe


Maybe it’s the wide leg jeans, or the wooden clogs, but this outfit was feeling totally vintage to me. In my ongoing efforts to take my own blog photos, I shot these photos with my trusty tripod and bluetooth (not so vintage) remote during a hazy evening outside of Chicago. This is the first group of photos I shot and wasn’t covered in mosquito bites after the photos, so maybe I’m getting the hang of it. Mosquito-bite free and totally vibing on vintage.


Top: Banana Republic ($12 marked down from $50)

Lace blazer: thrift ($4)

Pants: Banana Republic ($35 marked down from $90)

Shoes: Coach (consignment $30, retail for around $150)

Turquoise bracelet: Banana Republic (approx $10 marked down from approx $60, hard to remember!)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I used to not be able to wear jeans to work, but now that I can, I got a couple pairs of “trouser jeans” that are still office appropriate without being too casual. It was way harder than I thought it would be to find trouser jeans, because skinny jeans are so popular right now! But, good old Banana Republic had some great pairs. If you are looking for trouser jeans, look for a wide leg, dark wash with no brushing, dark stitching, and slit versus paneled pockets. The pair featured here are actually denim and linen mixed with a great wide leg and belt. I just found them, so if you are in the market, look both in the clearance and regular priced items at Banana Republic.

2) I’ve gotten a few comments about taking my own photos so far, with others saying that they would like to do the same. My top tips are as follows: grab a cheap tripod (mine was less than $20 on Amazon), a bluetooth remote for your phone or camera (remote was less than $10), and you’re ready to go! I use my iPhone (and always have) for my entire blog, and find the quality to be great. My most important tip? (at least for me!) I like taking my photos without other people around. I mean, it’s a little awkward to have people watching you take photos of yourself, especially when you’re not totally sure what you’re doing (like me). I like parking lots and other spaces early in the morning and at dusk, which tend to have just a few people around, and then I don’t feel rushed to take my photos and run away! 

Anyone else finding trouser jeans in other stores? Taking their own blog photos? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much!

a single step


Ta da! Well, I’m debuting my blog as my own photographer now! Given my change in work, I’ve taken to having more balance and time in my life, which is both weird…and liberating all at once! So, I pulled out a tripod and a bluetooth remote- and here I am, Fashion Huntress photographer! Thanks for all of your support and patience while the blog took a backseat to life. But I’m back and it all started with a single step…

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu


Dress: Liberty of London for Target via thrift ($5)

Shoes: Kate Spade Saturday ($25 marked down from $70)

Earrings: Nordstrom Rack ($5 marked down from $35)

Bag: TJ Maxx ($15 marked down from $60)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) If you have not yet heard, the Kate Spade Saturday line is no more. As a result, the line is all over TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I’ve predominately seen jewelry and shoes, so keep a look out for the Kate Spade Saturday finds! The tags for the jewelry are black and white, and the shoe boxes are beautiful pastel colors. If you’re interested, keep a lookout before the rest of the line is gone!

2) Liberty of London is totally one of my favorites…though the prices keep me a little at bay. However, the Liberty of London for Target line is definitely much more affordable. There’s also a Liberty of London pop-up shop at Nordstrom, though the prices are more along the lines of the standard Liberty of London shop. If you’re looking for the fab prints, but on a slightly more affordable scale, I recommend checking out the Liberty of London for Target line. I’ve found it at thrift shops and online (via Ebay, etc).

Anyone else finding either line around their local shopping towns? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! So glad to be back!

flamingo a go-go


Hi, readers! Wow, it’s been a serious whirlwind lately, and alas, the Fashion Huntress has been slightly neglected! After this week, though, I will be back on track and on my regular posting schedule! I’ve decided to make some changes in my professional life, and seek more balance. As a result of the changes, various transitions are underway- and I’m looking for the balance at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t be more excited about the changes, though, of course, with mixed emotions as I say goodbye to some of my previous roles…and, equally of course, anxious about change. Ha! So, in short, this is my flamingo a go-go outfit. But it’s not go-go for long! I’ll be back later this week! IMG_6101IMG_6098IMG_6099IMG_6100

Back with tips, Fashion Huntress finds, fun, and more- later this week! IMG_6097

re-charged and ready


I’m back! Vacation was so amazing; thanks for all the well wishes. I was relaxing up north in Wisconsin and loving every minute of it. I’m re-charged and ready for life!


Dress: eShakti (can’t remember price, but I know it was on sale, of course!)

Belt: Forever 21 ($6)

Shoes: Crocs (seriously, I may never take them off)  ($40 marked down from $60) available here

Lace cardigan: thrift ($4)


And, of course, a few pics from my trip! Fashion Huntress tips and tricks on my next post, when I’m all caught up with everything else! Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! And for the lovely well wishes!