maxi dress and mountains

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Hello, readers! My apologies for the delay in posting! I was at a family wedding over the past week/weekend. It was such a lovely and beautiful event, completely filled with love and joy. Below are two of my pics from the road trip there:

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Now I’m back in Chicago and back to the daily grind. This is my maxi dress and mountains look- perfect for summer, if you ask me!

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Dress: Forever 21 ($24)

Blazer: thrift ($5)

Tank top: Mango (had it for ages! can’t remember the price!)

Shoes: Crocs ($40 marked down from $60) available here

Necklace: Forever 21 ($3)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Omg! Can you believe these shoes are Crocs? Umm, they are. I don’t believe Crocs make it to the fashion blog scene very often, but I have to say, these shoes really don’t look like Crocs and are seriously comfortable. In fact, I walked 10 straight miles, in Disney world no less, with zero foot pain (which is unusual for me, since my heels will generally start to hurt). For long summer days and vacation, I think these sandals are a great option for looking stylish and still comfortable. They remain on sale and can be viewed via the above link. 

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2) I cannot say it enough- slips are pretty much essential for maxi dresses. Most summer maxi dresses are unlined, and therefore, definitely require a slip. I prefer my slip dress to basically all slips. It’s the easiest to wear due to being a full dress slip, and doesn’t add too much layer/heat to any outfit. Slips are pretty easy to find via places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Many are available at undergarment specialty stores, but tend to get quite pricey! I recommend finding one at a discount shop, since you won’t really need it often and it doesn’t need to fit like a glove anyway! 

Has anyone else tried out Crocs? Loving? Hating? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much!

12 replies to “maxi dress and mountains

  1. Ah..the beautiful mountains..seems like you had a fantastic trip my lady! And please do not stand by the oxygen open flame thingie — you know, you will burn it down with your hotness :D. Love the maxi..I am itching to getting back to wearing my normal clothing for summer..but guess that will have to wait for next summer now..I have always hated crocs, but these look nothing like them what so ever!!! Have a great 4th weekend..

  2. I’m dying to find a perfect maxi!! They are all too long for me *disproportionate girl problems* 🙈 this maxi looks beautiful!! And I had to read twice to confirm you actually meant crocs when you said crocs! Hahaa!!!

  3. i used to hate Crocs, but then just last year i found a pair of Crocs ballet slippers that looked like normal shoes & didn’t look like Crocs that much, so i gave in & bought them. but they’re nothing like your pretty shoes! what a great find! 🙂

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