rainy mondays and floral flourishes


Wow, Chicago has gotten so many rainy days, lately! The flowers, grass, and trees are in full summer bloom! Rainy Mondays always have me feeling cozy and calm. I wore a floral skirt and breezy top to celebrate the rainy warmth and full bloomed flowers that are gracing us with their presence. “Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.” -John Updike


Top: Lady Manhattan vintage via thrift ($1.50)

Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft ($15 marked down from $90)

Necklace: gift

Gold wrap bracelet: Lulu Dharma via thrift ($1, retails for $190)

Gold bracelet: Alex and Ani for Disney ($45)

Shoes: Derek Lam via TJ Maxx ($60 marked down from $350)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) It’s about that time when offices start blasting their summer air conditioning, which always means light layers for me. I like to pair cardigans and/or light blouses with skirts and sandals for a professional air conditioning proof professional look. 

2) This month’s manicure link-up (#monthlymani) theme is “summer picnic.” Despite the rainy and overcast days, I decided to go full blown neon with my nails this week. I even added sunglasses, complete with glitter. Below is a picture of my summer nails; check-out the other #monthlymani girls for their summer picnic themed nails!


Justine from The Thrifty Girl’s Guide
Kate from Into the Stratosphere
Kristi from Delightfully Kristi
Natalie from Being Mrs. Olson
Ashley from Free Wills Studio

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17 replies to “rainy mondays and floral flourishes

  1. We got a ton of rain here as well! It finally stopped for the day I hope, which means I dont have to water my vegetable garden, but that also means no sunshine for a while! gah. Love the skirt, the print is fantastic!!

  2. LOVE this look, Melissa, and we too have had a lot of rain lately. You have seen the raindrops on my flowers. LOL I’ve been running out in between showers. Love, Amy ❤

  3. Love the itty bitty polka dots on the top! Totally understand your comment about offices blasting their air-con – layer up, then when you step out, people look at you like you’ve come from the Arctic!

  4. How awesome are your chunky heels!!! Drooling over them! I can’t believe you found them at TJ Maxx and on clearance too. Can you come shopping with me and bring me that kind of luck?lol! Your weather sounds very much like our lately, lots of rain and now mosquitoes 😖

    xo, Jackie

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