fuchsia fever


These shoes, a recent find at, yet again, Kohl’s have me totally feeling fuchsia fever. As much as I love my tights, I’m totally happy that it’s warm enough to enjoy some sun, warm weather, and all the outdoor activities that we miss during Chicago winters. My current favorite outdoor activity, when I can squeeze it in? Sitting outside, reading a book, and hanging in our hammock. Fuchsia fever, indeed, and spring fever!


Top: Diane Von Furstenberg via Saver’s ($5, retails for $250)

Blazer: Rachel Zoe via consignment ($20, retails for $250)

Skirt: Soprano via Nordstrom Rack ($16 marked down from $60)

Shoes: Juicy Couture for Kohl’s ($10, retail for $65)

Necklace: Asos via giveaway from Windy City Wardrobe


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I balanced these very feminine high heels with a “boyfriend” cut blazer, which added a nice balance to the look. Spring and summer are probably the easiest seasons to go from “coffee to cocktails.” I always add a blazer to my sleeveless tops for work, and then ditch the blazer for any after-work activities (generally shopping, ha!). My fastest go-to outfit in spring and summer is sandals, sleeveless top, skirt, and blazer. Seriously, there’s basically no thought involved and helps me get out the door on time to get to work!

2) Black blazers are definitely my standard go-to blazer, though lately, I’ve really tried to branch out and consider blazers in other colors! I tend to find the majority of my blazers on Rue La La and via thrift stores. For whatever reason, blazers are really easy to thrift- Goodwills and Salvation Armys have a LOT of blazers. Even if you find a full suit, you can either keep or re-donate the skirt, if you don’t want a full suit. I often thrift suits and wear the jacket and skirt as separate pieces.

Anyone else have a go-to outfit in spring and summer? Happy Monday, all! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

26 replies to “fuchsia fever

  1. I want all your shoes ❤❤❤ In the warmer months you usually find me in a dress, I guess they are my go to outfits 😁 have a great week! 😘😘😘

      1. And whenever I see your gravatar, I smile and I can hardly wait to read what you write. (smile) Love to you, my friend! Love, Amy ❤

  2. I totally loved your nautical skirt! I’ve been eyeing a nautical piece for myself since ages but alas still haven’t found the perfect one! Anyway you completely rocking that outfit! ❤

  3. I’m a major fan of bright colors paired with black and white and you’ve nailed and sealed that combination with fuchsia! Love it

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