spring (zebra) stripes


Well, readers, it is official…and I don’t think there’s any turning back now: spring is upon us. I’m like a kid in a candy shop. I found myself just driving around in circles and walking around the block to take the fresh air in. The smell of spring always reminds me of my younger years, when the smell of spring meant that summer vacation was just a blink away. While there’s no three month long vacations anymore (sigh), there’s still plenty of time to just…be.


Dress: Issa for Banana Repbulic ($10 marked down from $140)

Necklace: Anthropologie ($10 marked down from approx $90)

Bracelet: Lulu Dharma, thrifted ($1, retails for $190)

Leggings: TJ Maxx ($5 marked down from $10)

Shoes: Not Rated via DSW ($50 marked down from $75) (seriously, I wear these ALL the time)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I always feel like it’s important to re-visit the idea of leggings as pants. Personally, I don’t feel confident in wearing leggings as pants and it’s also not allowed where I work. Thus, I always err on the side of caution and ensure my back side is always fully covered when wearing leggings. This dress would actually be a little on the short side for work, but totally works with leggings! But as always, wear what you love readers! That’s just my two cents on leggings!

2) You might think a zebra kimono is not very versatile, but, readers, I find that it sure is! Below you can see how I’ve styled it for winter (with long sleeves underneath) and summer (leggings and heels), and now (above) for spring! I change up the tights, necklace, and shoes, but the kimono never changes. You know how I feel about wearing clothes year round; a wrap dress/kimono is a great piece to style year round. Try it out!


Anyone else have their favorite “year round” piece? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much! Happy Monday!

19 replies to “spring (zebra) stripes

  1. Is that another one of your necklaces, Melissa? You are looking just gorgeous, my friend, as always, but this outfit shouts LIFE and JOY!!! Yes, oh YES Spring is here and I too am inhaling deeply. No vaca for me either *sighs with you* but still to be able to enjoy the outdoors! I have baby bulbs coming up in my garden and I saw a Robin today, even though there is still snow on the ground. I feel like a kid today too. YAY for Spring!! Love, Amy

  2. You make leggings an artistic statement! I have a Prada skirt from the fairies collection that I will wear until it falls apart and it works with woolies and boots or sandals and tanks 🙂 I’ll do a post featuring the little beauty some day xo

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