treasures from the trunk show (charleston, sc, cont.)

Continued from my last post, I’m adding additional details to my magical experience at The Trunk Show in Charleston, South Carolina. The Trunk Show is a (very) high-end consignment shop in the heart of downtown Charleston. The window display is quite unassuming, with a few mannequins and some gowns. However, when you walk in the door, you can see why people come from all over the south to shop there. There is more couture consigned, organized, and squeezed into a small place than any other store I’ve visited. Ever. The staff is exceptionally friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable Unlike many other consignment shops, this staff knows exactly what is in the store and where it is. If you go in with a request, they can help find you an outfit. What? I know. This store is a rare gem.

Hat: vintage 1950s via The Trunk Show ($20, retails for ? priceless)

Top: Nordstrom Rack ($19 marked down from $40) similar here/here/here

Pants: Gap ($8 marked down from $55)

Blazer: Banana Republic (approx $50 marked down from approx $200)

Necklace:Juicy Couture via Kohl’s (approx $5 marked down from approx $40)

Shoes: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack ($50 marked down from $90)

Scarf: cape worn as scarf Nordstrom Rack ($25 marked down from $50)

Fashion Huntress tips:
1) My top tip for The Trunk Show, as with almost every other consignment shop, is ask where the discount section is! Many high end consignment stores don’t sell “steals” on their designer inventory. Yes, it’s discounted, but unless you’re in the market for a consigned Chanel suit for $3,000 (and more power to you, if you are!), then ask where the sale section is. The real steals are always in the 70-80% off sale section of any consignment store. In most stores, it’s 1-3 racks, so take your time and evaluate your options.

photos from The Trunk Show:

2) I always ask if clothes have to be dry cleaned and/or laundered before they come in to any resale shop. High quality consignment stores will require this and often sell items in the dry cleaning bags. For me, this is a good sign that the store is discerning with what they accept and won’t sell damaged or stained items.

If you’re ever in the area, check them out:
My review is 100% my own opinion and I did not receive anything in return for this review.

Anyone else loving vintage hats? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much!

24 replies to “treasures from the trunk show (charleston, sc, cont.)

  1. The whole outfit is just amazing! I am so in love with your pants and you only paid $8 for them?! That’s a sweet bargain 🙂 I love going into consignment shops sometimes you find great things that you can’t find anywhere else.

  2. ooooh… *swoooooon* those lovely vintage things are calling me! hope one day i’ll be able to go there, just to see them live even if i can’t afford anything! 😀 thanks for sharing and i super love your gorgeous new-old hat!

  3. What a sweet outfit, Melissa. Just sweet and it looks awesome on you! Have you lost weight, my friend, because it looks like it. Don’t go getting too skinny, OK? Too skinny is not healthy. I’m just looking out for you. (smile) (((HUGS))) Amy

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