brown boots and buckles

For some reason, despite my somewhat, erm, expansive shoe collection, I realized I didn’t have a pair of brown boots. In fact, I realized I was rarely wearing much brown. What? A under-utilized color in the Fashion Huntress world?! Never. So, now I’m finding myself wearing my brown boots all the time, and pairing them with all my under worn brown outfits. Feels good, readers. Leave no color unworn! It’s your world, color it however you want.


Sweater: Kenji via Savers ($2, unknown retail)

Dress: Gap ($27 marked down from $60)
Leggings: TJ Maxx ($5 marked down from $10)
Necklace: Skull Paradise (gift)
Shoes: Rocket Dog via Marshall’s ($20 marked down from $90)


Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Clearly, tall brown and black boots are staples in your wardrobe. I’ve found that I really don’t wear mine outside once the salt and snow hit the streets and sidewalks. As much as it’s sort-of a hassle to carry around spare boots, most boots (leather, suede, or synthetic) really don’t do well in adverse weather conditions and can leave your boots looking really worn and stained. Even though I bought these boots for $20, they will still last years if they are well cared for in winter. Moral of the story: get one pair of waterproof warm boots that you will wear for six months straight outdoors (if your weather is anything like Chicago’s), and show your other boots some love by sparing them from slush, salt, snow, and sand.

2) My fiancé and I came across work created by Skull Paradise while in New Orleans, Lousiana. If you’re interested in unique, handmade jewelry and art work, it’s great to support local artisians. I met one of the artists while visiting their booth at an art fair and loved the warm enthusiasm. If interested, you can check them out via:

Anyone else loving handmade jewelry lately? Brown boots? 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I hope everyone has a good start to their week!

17 thoughts on “brown boots and buckles

  1. Cute dress and your necklace is beautiful. Very cool that it’s hand made. It’s funny I just realized that I don’t really own a pair of brown boots either, and I have a lot of shoes & boots! I do have a pair of taupe suede booties but that doesn’t!
    I find winter can wreck havoc on your boots so I only wear my leather ones outside. I do use mink oil once every few weeks on them, which helps prevent salt damage. I also bought this shoe polish called Urad at a Home Reno convention, and it’s a miracle worker. It repairs any salt damage to shoes & boots, and works on all materials from leather to synthetic. I bought both the neutral & black cream polish…so good.

    xo, Jackie

  2. Brown boots – how did you possibly get by without them? I pretty much live in mine. 😀 Also, loving the statement jewelery! Totally digging handmade jewelery, for sure!

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