safari dress in the sun


After recovering from the flu last week, I was feeling better just in time for a “heat wave” (45 degrees) and sunshine. Perhaps more importantly, the week brought sunshine in other unexpected ways: visits with friends, meeting new people, and a (finally!) cleaned out closet. I love weeks that end up better than we could have even expected. This is my safari dress in the sun- because we never really know when the sun is peeking out…

Dress: Burberry (gift)
Tights: gift
Boots: Not Rated via DSW ($60 marked down from $75)
Necklace: Nadri via Nordstrom Rack ($14 marked down from $50)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Long sleeve dresses are one of my favorite types of dresses because they are so easily styled from season to season. Below you can see how I styled the dress in summer and then in fall. Changing out your shoes and tights makes for completely different blocks with the same started pieces. 


2) Anthropologie is having one of their somewhat infrequent “40% off sale items.” I was surprised to see how many items were in the sale and to see so many reasonable prices. I found that the stores had more items than the online store, though both modalities have a lot of options. You can check out the sale here:

Has anyone visited the Anthro sale? Found any good finds? I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by readers! I appreciate it so very much!

18 replies to “safari dress in the sun

  1. You shouldnt have stood by the ” Oxygen, No Smoking, No Open Flame” sign, the irony is inevitable. You are so hot in this dress you will set everything on fire! Love the dress on you! Hope you are feeling better.. 🙂

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