tried and true blue (heels)

Sigh, readers, the winter tundra has finally hit Chicago. With the Christmas tree and lights down, below freezing temperatures, and it being Monday, blue seemed like the natural color to wear to mark the passing of the holiday season. On the other hand, nothing makes me a happier Huntress than cozying up in a ton of a layers, a big scarf, and some power heels. This is my no-fail tried and true blue outfit, because you really can’t go wrong with a cozy scarf and a great pair of blue heels.
Dress: Paul and Joe via Saks Off 5th ($10 marked down from approx $150)
Pants: Banana Republic ($17 marked down from approx $90)
Bracelet: gift via Bauble Bar at Nordstrom
Shoes: Vince Camuto Signature via Saks Off 5th ($50 marked down from $300)
Scarf: Gap ($4 marked down from $30)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I have to admit, I’ve passed up a Saks Off 5th outting in the past, as I felt their prices were still quite high. However, during a recent trip, I realized that the sales there have really improved! The sale was “buy 1 item, get 2 free.” Umm, sold. Since each piece I purchased was approximately $30, this averages out to $10 an item. I would say if there’s one in your area, it’s definitely worth a visit, though prepare to really take your time. You know that I normally recommend 15-30 minutes to shop a sale, but this visit required at least an hour due to the organization and layout of the store. If there’s isn’t a Saks Off 5th near you, you can also shop online: 
2) Suede and winter (at least in Chicago) is a really bad combination if you plan on wearing anything other than snow boots (Uggs, Bearpaw, Hunter, etc) outdoors. Salt, water, and sand can really tear up your nice shoes, even if you spray them with a waterproof spray. I always spray my suede shoes with a spray I pick-up at Nordstrom ($6/can). I’ve had my same can for years; it’s definitely worth its weight in gold. However, you still won’t find me wearing anything other than snow boots outdoors in this weather. Bring an extra bag and preserve your shoes! They will thank you! 
Does anyone else ever shop at Saks Off 5th and have other tips? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so much! Happy Monday and stay warm!

30 replies to “tried and true blue (heels)

  1. WOW, amazing shoes and you have styled them really nice with the dress. Love it! You have a great eye for style!

  2. *Awesome looking outfit……& the shoes too !!!! I find myself going to thrift stores U would be amazed at some of the things,,, including Clothing I bought… I have even found breast forms too,,,, still in the package (brand-new) Good post Mellissa,,,Kelly

  3. ohh, what lovely shoes! i imagine they’d look even more regal if you add clip on earrings like you did once to your other shoes. 😉

    and really, looking at how incredibly cheap you got these lovely things for make me want to cry of envy.

  4. Stop! Those shoes are amazing and not because you got them for $50…but that doesn’t hurt. I want them! Let my search begin now for them! lol I wish we had a Saks here 😦
    I hear your pain with suede, honestly I rarely wear them out here during the winter, the salt can be such a pain! Mind you when it’s terrible cold out you can get away with wearing them because nothing’s melting at that point. Even salt has it’s limits here 🙂 sad but true!

    xo, Jackie

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