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Despite not showing my face on Fashion Huntress, you may or may not be aware that I wear glasses. I’ve actually worn glasses since 2nd grade. For many years, I was actually totally embarrassed by my glasses (ridicule galore as a kid). So, I reverted to wearing contacts…that is, until I developed an allergy to contacts and was told I couldn’t wear them anymore by my doctor. Oh boy, readers, how I struggled with this news. I knew how ridiculous it was to be upset, but I felt like a kid in grade school all over again! A few years ago, however, I really started to embrace my glasses as an accessory and a part of my personality. I don’t show my face on Fashion Huntress because I like the vague anonymity, but I certainly no longer hide behind my glasses. I wear them proudly and embrace them. It’s funny how such a little thing can end up feeling so empowering as we settle into ourselves. I want to thank Firmoo for again reminding me of this process. I’m totally swooning (and seeing clearly) over my new glasses…


Dress: Michael by Michael Kors via Savers ($7, retails for $100)

Sweater: Kenji via Savers ($2, known retail)

Leggings: TJ Maxx ($5 marked down from $10)

Necklace: Apt 9 via Kohl’s ($6 marked down from $18)

Boots: Not Rated via DSW ($60 marked down from $75) here

Glasses: c/o Firmoo


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Firmoo is an online shop that offers various styles, shapes, and colors of glasses.  They even allow you to order your first pair for free. 

First Pair Free Program

There’s also a buy one, get one free promotion going on right now for the holidays. As you know, I do not ever accept payment for my posts. I did, however, accept the glasses and was asked to give my honest opinion. My honest opinion is: double thumbs up. I haven’t taken the glasses off since I got them and have had more people notice these new glasses than any pair in the past. Here’s a close up of the pair I chose:


First time wearer, long time fan! 

2) This dress is clearly a summer shift dress! And you already know what I’m going to say, right, readers? Pull out your summer dresses! Wear them in the winter with sweaters and leggings! Since that’s not a new tip, I’ll also add that I’ve recently learned about Savers and am a huge fan. The prices are slightly higher than at Goodwill (by $1-$4), though the quality and selection are equal if not slightly better. Additionally, if you sign up for their emails, you will learn when they have discount days, which are often on Mondays. This last Monday, all clothing was 50% off. The shift dress was regularly $14 in the store, but I snagged it for $7 on the discount day. To find a Savers near you, you can visit their website at:

Anyone else ever order glasses online? Love Savers? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much!

34 replies to “glasses girl

  1. This makes me want to embrace my glasses more haha 🙂 I love the dress and it’s definitely prudent to make those summer dresses work all winter long too! And I adore Savers! Mine is organized and constantly changing merchandise so it’s always worth a trip!

  2. The dress is a DREAM at $7! I knew I recognized the print! 😀 (I have a similar Michael Kohrs print related post that I’ve been dying to do but haven’t had an opportunity yet).

    I love how stylish and exciting glasses are now. 😀 I’m totally embracing my inner nerd (as you well know). Geek-chic for the win!

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  3. I love Firmoo , they have many styles to choose from! I’ve worn glasses for 22 years, since i was two years old lol. And i remember having really big and thick ones when i was little, the lenses looked like jar bottoms and all the kids laughed at me ahaha 😀

  4. Love seeing you branch out more! I think you definitely deserve the recognition and always wondered why I didn’t see you partnering with many companies! Love your honest opinion and it’s so nice to be introduced to new things we may not know existed! Those boots are fab, love the story and those glasses are so cute! I get mine from 🙂 That sweater over that dress is great, I still can’t get over that Oasap dress you modeled a few posts ago! xx

  5. I can totally relate to wearing glasses at a young age. I too started wearing glasses in the second grade. I always loved my glasses even though I got teased. I recently started wearing glasses again after nearly ten years of wearing contact lenses and I must admit…..I’ve missed them and rarely wear my contacts. I look forward to checking out the website. Cute outfit especially the glasses. ☺

  6. Hey..i never knew you wear glasses 😉… but glasses are really great accessory if you choose properly. Love your sweater and yes using summer dress in winters is really fun!!

  7. I love the way you dress..I too,am permanently stuck with glasses..but I wear funky nerdy ones! I rarely wear my contacts..glasses are a part of my identity now

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE those glasses, Melissa! They remind me of what gals wore in the 50’s, 60’s. Just glam! LOVE your outfit too and those boots … may I PLEASE have them? They look so comfy that I AM pushing the here link. Thank YOU!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      1. It works, Melissa. I didn’t realize they were 3″ wedgies, which I am not able to wear. 😦 I thought they were flat with a small heel. Better luck next time for me. 🙂 (((HUGS))) Amy

  9. Glasses can really frame and change the look of our face. I love glasses that look different and have a cool design. These are really lovely. I love your cardigan Lucy

  10. Isn’t it funny how glasses are now the cool accessories! I wear both glasses and contacts lens, but I can remember a time that I too felt embarrassed by them. Four eyes anyone!lol! Anyhow it’s always nice to discover new places to shop for glasses, I actually now own 4 pairs 🙂 Will have to check out Firmoo, because I love the frames you picked! Very cool.
    I think it’s kinda cool that you don’t show your face, it creates a bit of mystery about you…plus I’m always impressed by all the different ways you are able to showcase your outfit without showing your face. That takes skill girl! 😄

    xo, Jackie

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