three dollar treat via target


So there I was at Target the other day…grabbing some groceries, you know, cleaning supplies, etc etc. Well, I stopped by the clearance clothing section (of course), and found this Altuzarra for Target dress on clearance for $13. Sold. Anywho, I was at the register checking out when their machine froze and stopped working. I didn’t really care all that much, but the store was very apologetic and gave me $10 off my purchase. As a result, I figured this dress wound up being a three dollar treat. Ta. Da. Also, it’s softer than my pajamas, and it’s snakeskin print. I mean, really? It’s a three dollar treat via Target.


Dress: Altuzarra for Target ($3 marked down from $45)
Tights: Hue via Nordstrom Rack ($3 marked down from $15)
Shoes: Nine West Outlet in New Orleans, LA ($25 marked down from approx $100)
Scarf: Limited (approx $7 marked down from $35)
Ring: Forever 21 ($1.50)
Huntress necklace: made it!

Fashion Huntress tips:
1) If you’re a fan of the Altuzarra collection, or even if you have yet to see it, there are still a LOT of pieces available online and seriously marked down. Go to and enter “Altuzarra” in the search box to find the available pieces. There are still skirts, tops, dresses, and shoes available (when I last checked). I think the quality of the collection is quite good; I got stopped many times about this dress and kept telling people it was from Target. Target is where it’s at, right?! 
2) I went pretty bold with this look, despite the bold print. Sometimes you want to just go all out, right? But this dress could be easily “toned down” with black tights, black shoes, neutral cardigan or blazer, and a neutral scarf. As with many dresses, you could also layer a sweater over the dress and make the dress into a skirt to “tone it down” into a smaller print. 
Anyone else find some pieces in this collection? Going to snag some on sale? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so much!

34 replies to “three dollar treat via target

  1. I’m am so in amazed that you got that dress for $3! You look so beautiful. I can see you wearing that dress through the fall and winter months, straight into spring, its so versatile AND elegant. I’ll definitely be back to see what other gorgeous looks you put together girl!

    I hope you have a lovely day!

    XOXO, Maria

    1. Thanks for mentioning that! The copper “stamping blank” is from Vintaj. I picked up a package at Hobby Lobby but you can also get them on Amazon. The copper was soft enough to take the impression well; they are slightly pricier ($5 for bag), but well worth it and still affordable!

  2. Can we call this the best $3 treat ever! Such a great print, looks fab on you!
    Our Target over here only carried a handful of pieces from this collaboration 😦 But I did get the boots!

    xo, jackie

  3. What a great find!!! Yay!!! Oh, and I love the tips you gave about toning down a bold dress to wear to work and such. I really need to add more black tights to my closet b/c I feel like I will be always wearing them this season!

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