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Can we get real about something for a minute, readers? Nail decals and nail art. I’m a fan. Neither are super easy for me to apply (probably because I don’t have super steady hands) but, I LOVE jazzy nail art and don’t always feature it here on my blog! Close up, sometimes they struggle, but from afar, they totally work. I decided it was time to share some of my favorite nail art and decals from the past few months…

Nail decals:


 Some of my nail art (I’m no pro, but I do try!):
french manicure20130623-120416.jpg

Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I tend not to wear a full set of nail decals (so much effort, for real), so I end up keeping one set for a while and using them various times. They have a surprising number of nail decals at the dollar store, for, you guessed it, a $1! I’ve found that to get them to stick well, you need to use a base coat.  Once you’ve applied the decal, be sure to apply top coat. 
2) For nail art that I do by hand, Pinterest is where it’s at for tips! For example, I tend to use either a pin or a toothpick for polka dots and other art. There are a ton of nail brushes and pens that also make nail art much easier than freehand with a standard nall brush. Check out Pinterest and nail blogs for more tips! 
Anyone else have nail art tips? I’m leaving this one to the nail pros! Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

45 replies to “nifty nails

  1. I’ve never tried nail decals, but it seems like a really fun experiment for the upcoming party season. I love the idea that you can do something totally kitschy or off-the-wall and not have to incorporate it in to your daily life for the next two weeks (or longer, depending how long you can stretch out a manicure 🙂 )

    1. YES! I love trying to make them work for about two weeks and it’s fun to do really kitshy patterns that I maybe wouldn’t otherwise wear (except in nail art). Let me know if you try them out!! I only have the patience to do about 1-2 per hand.

  2. Love!!! And the tips are the end are spot on…I never have spotted nail decals at the Dollar Tree but you better believe I’ll be on the hunt now 🙂

  3. Love this post…..I just picked up some from the dollar store a few week’s back. I was totally shocked by the cute selection of nail decals. I have been procrastinating with applying them because I usually mess them up. Glad I waited…… your base coat tip was just what I needed. BTW….you do a fabulous job with your nail’s.

  4. KONAD! It’s where it’s at (although, kind of expensive and time consuming, but isn’t that always the case with nails). I really should use my set more often. 😀 Thank you, pinterest and the internet.

    I may have to try decals. Or better yet, put them on my Xmas list as they most definitely don’t cost $1 here. 😛

      1. We come up with a theme each month, and all you have to do is paint your nails (at least somewhat closely related to the theme), post it on your blog on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and link to the other participants’ blogs (I provide the link list each month)! Easy peasy! 😉

  5. Loving all your nail art! I like to do a little nail art once and awhile but I always have a hard time do my opposite hand 😦 Have you ever tried applying news paper in on top the nail.?
    I could email some suggestions if you want . Let me know

    Have great day 🙂

    1. YES! I didn’t include the newspaper ones because I forgot I had done that! Okay, I’ll include those in my next nail art post. That was actually one of my favorites!!! Thanks for the reminder/tip! :)!

  6. Have you tried Jamberry wraps? Personally, I’m not a big fan of wraps. I mean, I love how they look, but for myself I find them a pain to put on and stay on.

    1. I have not! I use Essie, Sally Hansen, or just generic brands. I’ve found that the “higher end” decals tend to stick a little better, but I still get them at the dollar store- I just wait for the name brands. I also started using one of those cuticle sticks to really push them down and that also seems to help. Though, honestly, I’m not really sure about the exact science of it. Sometimes they look great, other times they tear and I just take them off! 🙂

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