halloween a la huntress

It’s a little challenging to take artistic photos with this type of get up on, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one. And yes, that “dalmatian coat” sure is a bathrobe. Albeit a little early, this is Halloween a la Huntress. We will be back to our regular programming on the next post, readers!


40 replies to “halloween a la huntress

  1. Too cute! Looks like I spoke a little too early hehe, love catching up on your blog posts. Le sigh I remember back to simpler times where I could comment and like every single day and not have to in binge sessions. Haha. Miss our interactions though! Thanks for still stoping by to make time for meeeeee <33333 I will be in Chicago on the 26th attending a concert however but I'm sure I will be thinking about how close you are the whole time even though Chicago is le huge.

    1. I totally hear you!! It’s so hard to catch up on blogs daily- I miss those days too! I do try my best too, though, so I hear you! I hope you enjoy Chicago!! And hopefully you will at least get one mini break to shop? The giant Forever 21 and 2nd floor of Gap across the street?! FYI, the 2nd floor of the Gap on Michigan is where they keep most of the women’s sale section..confusing but true! Enjoy!! XO

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