board game blues


“WOW! That dress! You look like a board game!” -my friend, Eve
You know, readers. I’ll take it. I guess it sort-of does look like a board game. And with the comment coming from a close friend and confidante, I think this dress simply must be the board game blues. Minus the blues. All the fun.
Dress: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $120)
Denim shirt: Forever 21 ($20)
Tights: Apt 9 at Kohl’s ($7 marked down from $12)
Shoes: thrifted ($8, unclear what they retail for…)
Necklace: Juicy Couture charm from bracelet and Kohl’s necklace ($5 marked down from $24)
Bracelet: Juicy Couture (many years ago!)
Ring: Banana Republic ($5 marked down from $40)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) As you all know, additional markdowns on sale times are where it’s at when sale shopping. Most stores have these types of sales about two times per month, if not more. I always check my emails and stores’ homepages to see when the sales are. Banana Republic normally takes 40-50% off their sale items, as does Ann Taylor Loft. J Crew will also occasionally take 20-30% off their sale items. So it’s always worth checking your favorite stores to snag the best deals. This type of sale shopping is how I found this dress for a such a great price!
2) I will often find a great sale item that’s in a different size than my own. I used to bypass these items, and I’ve now realized what a mistake that can be! I bought this dress, pulled out a tape measure, some pins, and pulled in both sides of the dress in approximately 10 minutes. If you are sewing by hand, I would think this type of alteration would take about 30-45 minutes. With a sewing machine, it just took 10 minutes! I’m not a master seamstress, readers. This type of alteration is a super easy fix. So, think twice before you pass something up based on a slightly “off” sizing issue. I do, however, bypass most items that flat-out cannot be altered or that are significantly off in sizing.
Anyone else do basic alterations on their own? I know many of you out there make your own clothing! I would love some basic tips for amateur seamstresses like me! Thanks so much for stopping by, readers!

38 replies to “board game blues

  1. Love this outfit, particularly the dress. I occasionally buy larger sizes and alter it myself. It really does help you save money!


  2. Yep, I love that extra % off sale items – feels like highway robbery! I like that you took your friend’s comment and made it the theme for your blog post. Sometimes that is the best inspiration!

  3. Love the print on the dress, and absolutely amazing how well all the blues go together! I do exactly what you mentioned in tip 2 for some dresses that I love but are not in my size.. Its such an easy fix!!

  4. 18$ reduced from 120$?!??! i really, REALLY, envy you. *sigh* oh, and of course i also love your bracelet. you did a super brilliant mix & match again!

    anyway, you’re already doing everything right by taking in the seams from both sides. so congrats, you did a good job! looking forward to seeing more of your clothing alterations! 🙂

    1. Their jewelry really stands out, doesn’t it!? I saw that Kohl’s picked up a Juicy Couture jewelry and clothing line. I checked out the jewelry and was totally impressed! It’s all big and clunky (in an amazing way) and good quality~!! I’m totally going to hunt it down …on sale 🙂

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