cozy comfort


Flannel dress, cozy sweater, tights, falling leaves and autumn trees…need I say more, readers? I think not. I’m swooning over fall, as per usual. This look is cozy comfort and autumn dreaming…

Dress: Gap ($13 marked down from $60)
Sweater: Gap ($12 marked down from 60)
Tights: Gap (I can’t remember! maybe $8?)
Shoes: Made by Elves at Urban Outfitters ($20 marked down from approx $110)
Necklace: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s ($5 marked down from $32)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Gap is having another one of their “take an additional 40% off sale items” sale. I was surprised that a good portion of the sale is actually fall and winter apparel. Many of their fall dresses and coats were marked down significantly. If you’re mad for plaid, like I am, there is a lot of plaid and flannel on sale. Check it out!

2) I’ve gotten a few questions lately about tights and the brands I like. My favorite tight brand is Hue- they are seriously durable and very comfortable. Hue tights are generally $5-$10 on sale and well worth it. Check out their online sale section for more information. I swear, Hue doesn’t pay me! They probably don’t even know I love them- but I do! As a side note, I strongly recommend you wash all tights by hand and hang dry them in order to make them last. You can find Hue at Nordstrom Rack and via their website:

Anyone else have favorite tights and leggings brands? Thanks for stopping by readers! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

42 replies to “cozy comfort

  1. Holy amazing shoes, batman! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Seriously impeccable pairing with the tights and that flannel shirt dress was an incredibly lucky find. Great photos too… Man I wish we had fall foliage like that around here!

    1. I’m pretty much obsessed with those shoes! I got them probably 5-6 years ago before booties were popular (probably why they were on clearance!) and I still love them like the day I got them! So, thank you :)!

  2. U *Rock in this outfit too O.M.G. !!! & yes !!!! I too *Jus **** L O V E the looks of leggings,, & the color…..yes its a nice change instead of black (always) lol I am S000 guilty of jus wearing black (all the time) lol jus *LOVE your outfits Mellisa !!!! Kelly did i spell your name correctly ? 🙂 K,,

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