happily in a hat


Lately, I’ve been feeling like taking chances. Maybe a hat doesn’t seem like “taking a chance” to a lot of people, but it felt that way to me. (My internal dialogue: Hats…hats….are hats a thing? Yes, hats are a thing. Can I wear hats?…Who can wear hats…? Can anyone wear any hat? …What type of weather calls for a hat?) ….ummm, yeah, I’ll save you from the rest of this dialogue, as I stopped myself and said, “Self! Huntress! You can wear a hat! Now go wear one!” The rest is history. It’s funny how often we abide by a self-made internal rule, and how liberating it really is to break our own “rules” and embrace being whatever we want. Today, I’m a person that happily wears a hat.


Top: Free People via Savers ($5, retails for approx $75)
Shawl: H&M (hmm long time ago, maybe $10?)
Hat: Coach (gift)
Pants: Ann Taylor (approx $15 marked down from approx $60)
Shoes: Sofft at Nordstrom Rack (approx $40 marked down from approx $120)
Necklace: Urban Outfitters (gift)
Pink ring: Judith Ripka ($100 marked down from $400)
Silver ring: Tiffany (gift)
Earrings: Nordstrom Rack (approx $5 marked down from approx $35)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I do love a good fall and winter knitted hat, and often find them at places like H&M, Old Navy, Target, and Forever 21. Hats really don’t get much wear and tear, so I find you can get away with getting them just about anywhere. All of the above stores seem to have great sets this time of year for around $5-$15. I tend to buy one fun color or print each season and then one neutral. This is the time to buy them, as they are often on sale in fall before winter hits!
2) Clearly, I have a cape and shawl obsession this year…I’ve even turned some of my thicker scarves into shawls this season! Many of the Gap scarves, for example, are big enough to wear as a shawl. Capes are also very basic to make, if you sew, so check out Pinterest for DIY tips. And, if you make one, be sure to tell me about it! I would love to see your work!

Any cape or hat shopping tips? Share them below! Thanks so much for stopping by readers! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

33 replies to “happily in a hat

  1. As one of my friend’s mum (who also happens to be a great connoisseur of hats – she wears them almost every day) says “Anyone with a head can wear a hat”

    I’ve since taken up with this motto. 😀

  2. Great Outfit! I am on the hunt for a hat, but so far haven’t had any luck in the stores you have mentioned. I will keep looking and hopefully I can find one I like.

  3. I love the look on you, the hat that is, Melissa. And those shoes! OH! I just walked into a store over the weekend and saw a pair just like this, and when I saw the price tag I almost fell through the floor. The tag said, $150.00. OH. MY. GOSH. This is why I treasure you site. You point the way how to find clothes and accessories at a good price. Thank you! Love, Amy

  4. I love hats and really should wear them more in the cooler weather instead of the hot summer days! And I love shawls/ponchos! And I even have some special crochet ones made by my grandma and aunts that I like to throw on for chilly weather! you look great in a hat!

  5. i am so with you about the hat thing (are hats a thing? :D), but girl, you pulled it off so stylishly! together with the shawl, your look came out polished yet somewhat effortless… LOVE that!

  6. Yay for hats! Rules were made to be broken! You look great in a hat 🙂
    Love hats!! I wear a lot hats, especially during the winter when its super cold. My fave are fedoras, I think they take your outfit to the next level.
    Oh and nothing wrong with a cape and shawl obsession, the more the merrier. They keep you warm and stylish 🙂

    xo, Jackie

  7. You got that hat as a gift? 😍 lend that friend to me will you? 😝 and yes I have always been so apprehensive with hats and hence never thought about investing in them…hmmm you are giving me ideas 😊

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