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Oh, readers, it is that beloved time again: Fashion Week! I’ve been loving all of the the street style posts; seriously, could the attendees look any cooler? And the shows….swoon. So many amazing show posts.  And, of course, last but certainly not least, the September issues are all gloriously out and include hundreds of pages of glossy ads and articles. I’m just swooning…and to top it all off, fall weather hit Chicago today, so I’m even busting out my seasonal mugs. All in all, long story short, this is fashion heaven, if you ask me, and I am loving it. This outfit is my ode to Fashion Week; even though I’m not attending the shows (maybe one day??), I’m pretending I am in my painted and patterned kimono.


Dress: BCBG via consignment ($35, retails for approx $150)
Leggings: Old Navy (approx $10)
Statement necklace: Kohl’s ($2 marked down from $28)
Triangle necklace: Forever 21 ($3)
Wedges/mules: Rampage via ($22 marked down from $60)
Sandals: Banana Republic (gift)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) The mules/wedges pictured here were purchased on This is actually my first pair of Amazon shoes and let me tell you, I am quite pleased. I actually saw these shoes on the DSW website, but realized they were cheaper on the and came in more colors on Amazon. Hmm. I don’t have enough experience in this area as of yet, but I think it’s worth checking for shoes on Amazon to potentially snag better prices and color options. I’ll report back, though feel free to share feedback, if you have any!
2) I read an interesting article about nail polish in Consumer Reports the other day. Umm, Consumer Reports is where it’s at! I love that magazine- I’m sure no one is surprised by that. They don’t accept payment for any of their reports, and they put out great unbiased reviews. Anyway, check it out; they recommend the Sinful Colors nail polish ($1.99) as their top pick for quality and cost! I love Sinful Colors and normally get it at Walgreens. 
Anyone else have feedback about buying shoes on Amazon? Or Sinful Colors? Thanks so much for stopping by readers; I appreciate it so very much! Have a good rest of the week!

30 replies to “painted and patterned

  1. Love that dress with the leggins! I have been thinking about a similar look and now…I just might try it! I’ve bought a few clothing items on Amazon too and always had good experiences. I think the best thing is that you can check the reviews and they are usually very informative. Great look, girly! xx..Cortneybre…

  2. another drool-worthy dress! yes, i think that dress is your sure ticket to this season’s fall/winter, it looks like it just came straight out of some fashion mag’s September 2014 issue. 😉

  3. So I’m pissed my phone wouldn’t allow me to comment on your post yesterday because I was so hype over this look! Chicago needs to have its own fashion week and hire you to style the shows. 😉
    Love the wrap style of the top/dress! Whole thing totally says nyc to me 🙂 Also, I’ve only ever purchased one pair of shoes from Amazon (Madden girl booties I found marked down much cheaper than on site) and I was very impressed. Should probably try to do it more often…. Have a great weekend!

  4. Pretty dress! Yes, I’d like to pretend I’m at NYFW too! I actually have never tried Sinful Colors, but perhaps I will now, thanks to Consumer Reports. =) As for shoes on Amazon, yes I’ve gotten some deals on there…I’ve realized that I should always check Amazon for anything, whether it is for shoes, books, makeup, or even household cleaner, haha! Their prices are often, but not always the lowest.

  5. I love the kimono – so pretty. I have bought shoes from Amazon quite a few times and they’ve always been great and cheaper than most other places. Look forward to more autumn fashion posts – it’s my favourite season too. X

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