mad for summer plaid (aka ode to rainbow brite)


Well, it’s officially September, readers, which means that sweaters, pumpkins, and scarves aren’t too far off. However, I’m taking in however many days we have left of summer (even the humid days that I complain about), and am enjoying the sun in my favorite rainbow bright summer plaid sundress.

Speaking of bright rainbows, one time I dressed up like Rainbow Brite for Halloween when I was about 4 years old. That costume was super sweet; my mom has some awesome sewing skills and made me the coolest poofy rainbow outfit. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Rainbow Brite was a cartoon character in the 80s and she rode a unicorn (see below picture). I mean, it doesn’t get any cooler, in my book.
Copyright: Hallmark
While I may not have a unicorn (sigh), or a super sweet Rainbow Brite costume anymore (double sigh), I’m still paying my respects to the coolest rainbow unicorn-riding blonde around in my all grown-up rainbow plaid dress; this is my ode to Rainbow Brite. You go, Rainbow.
Dress: Lux at Urban Outfitters ($20 marked down from approx $100)
Shoes: thrifted ($8, unclear retail price)
Necklace: Urban Outfitters (…years ago, maybe $18?)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) As many of you mentioned, based on my last post, these blue shoes would look awesome with shoe clips. If you missed the last post, check them out! I’m officially on the hunt for vintage brooches or vintage clip-on earrings! I also thought about using wire cutters and cutting off the post of a “post” earring and using non-clip-on earrings as shoe clips. Don’t forget about Pinterest for more shoe clip inspiration! The shoe clips I’ve seen online thus far are about $20 a pair, but I’m pretty sure you could make a pair for under $5 if you have a glue gun. Go, DIY!
2) This is clearly a weekend look (especially with back cut-out on the dress). But, I’ve also worn it at work with a blazer. Here’s how I last styled this dress for work:
This is one dress that I actually haven’t styled for winter…so I’ll need to give that a try this winter and see how it goes!
Anyone else thinking about busting out their old wedding or bridesmaid shoes? I hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by!

45 replies to “mad for summer plaid (aka ode to rainbow brite)

  1. I understand what you mean! I love the Fall, but these last days I am enjoying even the humid days. Anyway, it is a cute Summer dress! Enjoy wearing it while you can, it is what I am doing! Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  2. OH, Darlin’, that outfit is Sooooooooo cute! And those shoes. Melissa, you are making me drool again. First the HOT PINK pumps not the blue. You are making me nutso, wishing I could walk in heels again. You are just so beautiful, my friend. Love, Amy

  3. LOVE this plaid dress and those vintage heels are so sleek – amazing!! I have a similar vintage plaid dress that I like to think of as my “picnic dress,” mostly because it reminds me of a picnic blanket haha! These kind of dresses make me happy 🙂

  4. I love the vintage style of the dress. Only you could pull off rainbow checks that chicly! Blue shoes were a nice punch of color and more fun than just a neutral 🙂 Definitely, definitely gonna try out shoe clip diy’s as soon as my feet aren’t swollen and I can wear my cute pumps again. Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Eeek! I loved rainbow brite too! Love this dress, so fun and perfect for summer. You’re making me miss summer already 😦
    Those are some fab heels you thrifted. Nice score!

    xo, jackie

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