bridesmaid blue


When thrifting with some girlfriends over the weekend, I came across these blue satin heels. Talk about a gem…blue satin? low heels? potential dyed and used as a bridesmaid shoe in the 90s? $8? seemingly never worn/worn once? Ummm, I couldn’t buy them fast enough. I’d like to add that these shoes weren’t even the highlight of our thrifting. There were many laughs to be had, locking ourselves out of Goodwill changing rooms, getting stuck in tiny sweaters that looked bigger, and lots of “that looks like it was made you!” moments, not to mention the confusingly large amount of time we spent in housewares mulling over vases and paintings. I’m happily recalling our laughter that day and wearing my bridesmaid blue shoes with a smile on my face.


Denim top: Gap ($16 marked down from $60)
Tee shirt: Gap (approx $7 marked down from approx $25)
Pants: Gap ($35 marked down from $55)
Shoes: thrifted ($8, unclear what they retail for…?)
Necklace: gift
Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Goodwill is a great place to find good pieces at amazing prices ($5-$10), but you need to seriously dig. To really get through a big thrift store, I’ve found you need about an hour, and a lot of patience. My girlfriends and I probably spent about two hours really combing through the store, but, at the end, we were sure we had covered every once of the place! Goodwill has a “rewards” card that offers additional discounts on clothing or whatever promotion they are currently running. When I was there, reward card holders got an additional 25% off all clothing purchases- making most pieces about $3-$4. The card is free and you can sign up online. The woman in the store, however, said the online system can be a little faulty. So, I recommend asking if you can sign up in the store.

2) Button downs un-buttoned are a revelation to me! Given that the 90s theme is back in, now is a good time to embrace the un-buttoned layer. I love them for a casual summer look, but also layered over sundresses to make them work appropriate. Clearly, the denim button down is my favorite!

Anyone else embracing the 90s lately? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it!


39 thoughts on “bridesmaid blue

  1. There’s nothing I don’t love about this outfit. Who doesn’t need a classic pair of bridesmaid heels! LOVE.

  2. How pretty this look, blue, white and red always goes well together. I never usually shop at GAP, got to find one here in Manchester or maybe Liverpool where I saw a shop once. Thank you for the inspiration! x

  3. Those trousers are to die for! I actually love them because the pattern reminds me of the wrought iron panels my parents had on our porch when we were little. Great look!

  4. Goodwill has a rewards program? Say wha?! I’ve actually never gone shopping in there, but I know I should just to see what I can find. I was in Old Navy the other day and they were selling the same pants you have on. Pretty much that entire store reminded me of your style. It was all 50%, you would go bananas.

    xx Rakhi

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