well suited without shoulder pads (30 days no shopping, day 23)


I don’t know about others, but I tend to have some nice moments with complete strangers when resale-ing. I found this 80s vintage suit a while back when I was resale-ing. I was really debating the shoulder pads and blazer fit. Of course, I was also awkwardly balancing my purse, and layering the suit over my jeans and top due to a lack of dressing rooms. Well, this stranger inevitably saw my scrutinizing (which, let’s face it, I normally do in the privacy of a dressing room). Anywho, she mentioned that she loved the suit and thought it would look great without the shoulder pads. I told her I hadn’t taken shoulder pads out of a blazer before and she proceeded to explain how to do so. Thanks to this fellow shopper/stranger, I decided to embark upon some basic alterations. 

Here is the jacket in process (holy shoulder pads, right?) and my sewing the jacket back up:
And here it is in all its 80s glory. Thanks to the fellow shopper who assisted, and the great YouTube tutorials. It takes a village!
Suit: Albert Nipon vintage ($12; current suits retail for around $500)
Top: Forever 21 via resale ($3, retails for approx $20)
Shoes: Jellypop at DSW ($12 marked down from $60)
Pearls: vintage (gift)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) SIGH, even though I’m still not shopping, I will say that I have seen that DSW is having a ton of sales right now. Because it’s better for me to not even walk into stores and be tempted, I’ve been looking at their shoes online. They actually have a lot more shoes online than they do in stores, which I found surprising. It also looked as though they consistently have free shipping, so I will look into that more. I think DSW is great for shoes that are “on trend,” especially if you aren’t totally sure the trend will continue and don’t want to spend a ton. 
2) This vintage suit basically looked like a full blown tapestry when buttoned up and wearing both pieces. For this post, I did want to show the full suit, but I think these pieces might actually look a bit better worn separately. The nice thing about suits is exactly that: you can wear the pieces together or separately and get a lot of use from both pieces. I hadn’t ever looked through vintage suits before, but I actually enjoyed it! I found that my suit definitely needed some basic alterations, but otherwise, it was ready to wear.
Anyone else have vintage suit tips? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so much, and all of your comments!

21 thoughts on “well suited without shoulder pads (30 days no shopping, day 23)

  1. YAY for altering a vintage find! I agree, I think I like the pieces more separate than together. The print looks amazing though!

    DSW online? I *may* have to check that one out. 😉

    Only a few more days to go! Honestly, keep at it! Don’t cave! You can do it!

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  2. What a suit and worn in an edgy way! Shoulder pads are a strange one – sometimes they really help and sometimes they hinder – it’s funny how they look bigger in retro suits too. Great job – you look fabulous and on the no-shopping! 😀

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