pink polka dots (30 days no shopping, day 21)


Well, readers, it’s day 21 of no shopping, and I must say, I am missing my resaling! But, I only have 9 days to go, so I’m pretty sure I’ll make it at this point…I hope so, at least! Anywho, I wasn’t planning on blogging this outfit, because I really wasn’t sure if the top would work out. Netted top? At work? Well, turns out that netted can work in a professional setting. I guess you just never know until you try. Happy weekend, readers!


Top: H&M ($3 marked down from approx $25)

Pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($14 marked down from $60)

Shoes: Aubrey Brooke at DSW ($12 marked down from $99)

Necklace: vintage via resale ($6)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) The “kids” section at H&M is surprisingly versatile. Once I got through the toddler section, I found that there was what seemed like a “teen” section, with sizes through 15 + years. The prices are, of course, lower than the adult sections. I found that the leggings and tights were WAY too small for an adults, as were the pants, but the tops definitely seemed like a better bet. The jewelry is also an easy bet in the “kids” section, as they have long necklaces that would clearly fit an adult. 

2) As I mentioned, I was on the fence about a netted top at work. However, when I added a neutral top under the netted sweater, the netting looked less …well, netted. One way to style this top for a weekend would be to add a complementing color underneath instead of a matching top. As with netting, the same seems to go for lace. If you’re going to wear a lace top at work, consider adding a matching top underneath the lace to make the top seem less sheer. This is a good way to style a top that you can wear to work, and on the weekends! 

Anyone else have juniors’ section shopping tips? I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

30 replies to “pink polka dots (30 days no shopping, day 21)

  1. Yayyy pink. Anything pink or any shade of pink rocks \m/
    And yeah I’ve shopped once in the kids section when the shopkeeper looked weirdly at me and said adult section doesn’t stock spongebob and marvel comic T-shirts. Er..hello..they became such a rage few months after that. Ha! In your face shopkeeper 😛

  2. Hi…omg!!! U look so very *Nice wearing this outfit luv the whole look / style, I Def, will hav 2 stay & learn so much more…& from looking around your Blog & a few others that i happen to also go on,, my fem-side Kelly cant wait!!!!! Yippy,, ok ok, so bring it on,,, looking up 2u as a BIG Sister & this (NEW) want 2b girl sure needs all the help she can use…..Kelly p.s. thank U so very much 4 being kind to…some 1..a little different K, 🙂

  3. Oh so glad you shared the top! The colour and the material is so pretty and can’t believe you got it from H&M for 3 dollars was it??? Love the colour of the trousers too! Well done with your 21 days no shopping, chapeau 🙂 xxxxxx

  4. I love your tips so much. I was wondering how to wear a lace or netted top, but wasn’t quite sure how to make it look more professional. This helps so much. Thanks!

  5. Oh gosh girl, you’ve got this! You made it past day 21, theres no stopping you now. The sweater looks great and definitely office appropriate. Pink is your colour!
    As for junior shopping, I do it all the time. I go thru the boys and girls section to pick up things like layering tank tops to solid color tee’s. Not for pants, though. It’s absolutely mind blowing sometimes the difference in price points. I also cruze thru the men’s sections too, sizing can be a bit tricky so patience is necessary. But the price makes it worth it 😃

    Xo, Jackie

  6. WOW lady, looking fabulous in pink and polka dots. Congratulations on making it to day 21, and on making that top totally versatile! You’re an inspiration to us all. Have a fabulous week ahead!

    XOXO Nensi & Natasha

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