clumsy but classy (30 days no shopping, day 18)


Well, in typical Fashion Huntress fashion, I was hanging at work in my giant prom-like dress, when I dropped a container of veggie dip on it. I was going to post today about how it’s fun to style what could be a prom dress for work…but really, I think I’m going to just settle on the fact that I can (and probably will) drop food and drinks on just about anything. And while I’m talking about the fact that I’m slightly clumsy, I figure since this is a safe space, I’m also going to disclose that my hair was styled with….Hot Buns today (google “Hot Buns bun styler” for more information). Yep. Hot Buns happened. Hot Buns, veggie dip, and a pseudo prom dress. Good thing it’s almost Friday.. Oh, and btw, I styled this dress with two different pairs of shoes, you know, because it’s good to have shoe options in life. Especially if you’re going to spill on a pair of them.


Dress: As U Wish via resale ($4, retails for approx $70)
Denim blazer: Lux at Urban Outfitters (approx $10 marked down from approx $60)
Bracelet and watch: gift
Hot pink heels: Nine West via resale ($12, retail for $100)
Brown cut out heels: DSW ($11 marked down from approx $70)
Rings and necklace: Tiffany
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) In my experience, the best way to snag great resale is to go resale shopping in a great neighborhood, or adjacent to a great neighborhood. It is my understanding that most stores do keep the donations they receive at the store’s donation center.  I have heard that sometimes they ship clothes they receive to other stores, but generally, they keep their donations where they receive them. Thus, resaling in a fancy neighborhood means you will often find great quality donations. Regardless of where you are: 
-look closely at the seams to ensure there are no tears
-look closely for any potential stains
-look for any “quick fixes” (shortening a dress, reinforcing a seam, etc) and assess whether you can do the fix, or if it’s worthwhile enough to send it out
-try everything on! (see tip #2)
2) Some resale shops don’t have changing rooms…which can make shopping there a bit interesting. You’ve got all your finds, your purse, your shoes, and then you have to potentially put your things down, take off your shoes, and try something on? Oof. 
Be prepared! Take a very small crossbody bag with you, or put your things in a pocket (ha! I carry way too much for this, but someone probably can fit their things in a pocket). Wear socks in case you have to take off your shoes and go barefoot. And, lastly, wear minimalist clothes. I generally go with jeans and a tank top or leggings and a long tee-shirt, so I can try things on right on top of my clothes. Before you think it’s odd that you are trying things on in a store with no dressing room, just remember that it’s completely appropriate and expected. Most places, at the very least, have a mirror- so just ask where it is!

30 replies to “clumsy but classy (30 days no shopping, day 18)

  1. are we the same size? i want to borrow that dress- so, so gorgeous! and you know what? i have a similar issue with dropping/spilling food on myself (not a good person to share clothes with, i guess!)

  2. I must say I LOVE the brown boots. What a score from DSW!

    I tried the re-saleing technique you outlined above in London (there is a Salvation Army very near to the vogue headquarters) and YES – there was no fitting room, so I just eyeballed things (risky, but I’m actually really good at picking things that fit). I ended up buying a dress that looks amazing on the hanger, and even though it fits fine, just doesn’t look that flattering on me. :/ Major bummer.

    There were tons of really great mens items at that particularly Salvation Army. Multiple pairs of 7 for all mankind men’s jeans (none in my bf’s size, of course!). 2nd hand clothing – always a bit hit and miss.

    1. Awesome! Great tips- I agree that if you can just eyeball whether something will fit, then that’s a good strategy too! I’m pretty terrible at that skill, lol, but I know others are way better than I am!

  3. I love the dress! and I NEED those pink heels! Your hair is so cute too! I just bought a brides maid dress off eBAY that i’m wearing to work next week – a bit over the top but who cares! People are starting to expect it from me! 🙂 xx…Cortneybre…

  4. I am in LOVE with this outfit!! Especially with the edgy look of the boots! So glad you are showing your lovely face a bit more but still keeping the mystery in tact. One of my favourite outfits so far, including veggie dip xoxo

  5. Hahaha..I’m clumsy too.. Hifi 😛
    I loved this look and I chose the boots over the pumps just this once 😀
    Hey and isn’t this a sock bun. Its so neat and cool.! It never comes half as neat for me. How? 😦

  6. Ah, a fellow spiller. Good going on the print choice though as it hides a multitude of slips and dips. I would need to carry an infant’s bib in my purse…but then no one would be seen with me…

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