still merry in marimekko (30 days, day 14)


Well, readers, I think it’s time that I share…I took note of many of my fellow bloggers and am on my own personal 30 day no shopping challenge. Like most things you are unsure of, I kept this one to myself, figuring I wouldn’t make it. But, I’m 14 days in and I’m pretty sure I might make it (maybe). As a result of my no shopping challenge, I’m all about rotating some of my favorite pieces this month. So, my beloved Marimekko dress is making another appearance. This time, however, I styled it for work. 30 days? I’ve got this. …(right?). Either way, I’m still merry in Marimekko.


Dress: Marimekko for Banana Republic ($100 marked down from $130, used a coupon)

Shrug: Nordstrom Rack (years ago, maybe $10?)

Belt: Urban Outfitters ($5 marked down from approx $60)

Shoes: Nine West via resale ($2, retail for approx $100)

Short necklace: Fab ($28)

Long necklace: gift


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: maxi dresses can be tough to style for work. You don’t want to look too informal, and you don’t want to look overly formal either. For this look, I added a shrug, formal/informal heels, and a belt. I originally had on a statement necklace and it was just too much. So, I kept it simple with more understated jewelry. The key is balancing an informal and formal style to keep it looking like you didn’t come from a beach or a wedding. 

Here’s how I wore it last on a weekend:


2) Belts can go a long way in giving an outfit a new feel. I really don’t have many belts, but I do rotate them quite a bit. I find a lot of belts on clearance at Ann Taylor Loft and Urban Outfitters. You want to make sure your belts are high quality, or they will be useless when the elastic wears out or the straps break. I look for thick elastic or leather that is genuine leather. 

Anyone else have maxi dress styling tips? Places to find belts? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

30 replies to “still merry in marimekko (30 days, day 14)

  1. Yay Marimekko! Also, way to go on your challenge! I’m supposed to not be buying any skirts or dresses this year and have mostly failed miserably. I did pretty well with my no shopping for parts of last year, however. 😀 It is SO TOUGH but a healthy exercise, I think. 😀 So, go you!

    Belts are amazing. I haven’t been wearing mine as often lately, I suspect I wear them more during warmer weather.

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  2. ah, i wondered why i haven’t seen that dress here before (being in the land of Marimekko and all), now i figured it out… there’s no Banana Republic here. :p anyway, i love how you styled it with the belt! Marimekko + beige & black + your blonde hair = you look just like a Finn!

    good luck with the challenge (you know you can!). if i were to do it, i think i’d do okay except that i can’t stop shopping for fabrics…

  3. You know hun, I love these photos for the stark difference in the feminity of your outfit and the masculine concrete background. Makes you the damsel only not-in-distress but owning it up like a queen! Love this super chic maxi!

  4. You’ve got this girl! You’ll make it because you’re already half way there 🙂
    Great maxi dress, can’t believe it’s from BR!?! I love how you’ve styled it with the belt, nice touch.
    xo, Jackie

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