whirlwind week


Sorry for my lack of posts this week, readers! It’s been a whirlwind week that has left my schedule topsy turvy and jam packed. I did manage to squeeze in a couple of photos last weekend on a mini road trip through rural Wisconsin. What up, corn fields.


If you’ve ever wondered what the Fashion Huntress wears on a mini vacation (which I highly doubt, but hey, maybe you have), look no further! On vacation, I tend to opt for super low key and super comfortable. Even I retire my high heels and statement necklaces sometimes…though I think the cows would have probably appreciated my bling, I’m just saying.


Dress: Gap ($10 marked down from $60)

Shoes: Naturalizer (maybe $25…years ago)

Purse: Cole Haan ($30 marked down from $300)

Scarf: Ann Taylor (gift)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I’ve been known to seriously underpack on trips. I’ve forgotten pajamas, my toothbrush, my hair brush, you name it. I probably need to work on a checklist or something, but that’s a whole other story. I tend to pack clothes that are in one or two color families. On this trip, I packed predominantly blue clothes and accessories so that I could wear the same scarf and same shoes on both days. I even tend to leave my nails bare so I don’t have to cringe over chips in my polish. I know, I know, it’s extra low maintenance. But, I find I really don’t have to carry too much when I can rotate what I have and not lug around extra things and bags.

2) You still won’t find me in gym shoes pretty much ever, but I can definitely get behind a pair of ballerina style gym shoes. There are a lot of brands that I think have great “gym shoes” that you can wear to work or on trips, as they still look formal enough to be worn with dresses and casual non-gym clothes. I think Aerosoles, Puma, Naturalizer, and Keds all have great options for dressy gym shoes.  Almost all of them can be found at Nordstrom Rack and online. And, of course, always start your search in the sale section! 

Anyone else have vacation packing/fashion tips? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers!


30 thoughts on “whirlwind week

  1. If anyone understands whirlwind, it is I. And as for this outfit, for the first time, I honestly am going to have to say, “not me”. Looks great on you, but I know it isn’t me. (((HUGS))) and have a great vaca!!! xx Amy

  2. This dress is so amazing, Emma got the kids version from Gap kids and I was so wishing they had it in my size. I guess it is kind of weird to live vicariously through my nine year old haha. So cute!

    xx Cara

  3. Haha, underpacking isn’t SO bad. I’m a pretty chronic overpacker. *TRYING* to not be. 😀 I’ll get there eventually. I still feel a happy glow when I think about how I nailed the packing for my London trip earlier this year… 😀

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  4. Sooo I need this dress in my life. I always overpack but tend to forget small things like a toothbrush, under-roos you know the important small things. I didn’t even have to ask where you got the dress from. Gap needs you as their promotional spokes woman. And erm yes, I do wonder what you wear on vacations haha. ❤

  5. ahahah… We almost see your face Melissa (the last picture) 😛
    I recently started to teach in a pattern-making workshop here in Australia. Your blog give me always new of ideas -or samples to show in the class 🙂
    Have a good day Melissa!, I always like your looks.

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