denim denim everywhere


I’m not even going to go on and on about denim today, because clearly I do that enough (long story short, I LOVE denim). I may have a problem (ie approx five denim shirts). But, let’s move on from that potential awkwardness, and focus on why I stock denim in this way. Case in point: the denim dress day. 

Dress: Love Ady via Nordstrom Rack ($20 marked down from approx $80)
Cardigan: Target ($7 marked down from $25)
Necklace: Anthropologie (gift)
Shoes: Nine West via consignment ($8, retail for approx $100)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Denim is so versatile. If there’s one thing to have around in your closet for casual Fridays, easy Mondays, or any day where you want to look put together quickly, pick up denim anything and add heels and/or big jewelry. Additionally, it’s definitely wearable all four seasons. Here are some of the ways I’ve styled this dress in the past:
2) There’s a really interesting section of Nordstrom Rack that has dresses for around $20. They aren’t clearance dresses; they just have a generally fairly low price point. I sometimes have to look around a little to find this area, but there’s normally a few racks that are the square (as opposed to round) racks that have the <$20 dresses. I’ve found the quality of these dresses to be good, though I would encourage machine washing on a gentle cycle and line drying, just to be on the safe side. 
Anyone else loving denim this summer? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! Happy Monday!! 

31 replies to “denim denim everywhere

  1. What I would give to be able to wear shoes like that again, and that cute, whimsical dress is SO adorable. LOVE the jewelry and the bright red carnigan as well. How well you put your outfits together every time I am here. Great job, Melissa. Thank you for educating me on how to dress. Love, Amy

  2. Awesome, awesome photos!!!!! ❤ I love this dress on you, too!!
    I am loving my denim shorts since they are cool and comfy and go with everything. If I had to wear "pants" these would be them and I'm fine with that! =)

  3. Pic 1 and 4 are absolutely incredible. There are no words to describe, except maybe Vogue, Bazaar, Elle? Can’t think of anything else. Do you know of any photo competitions? I’m speechless. Kudos to you and G!

  4. This look is perfection. HOW do I not own a denim dress?!! (You know I’ll be adding it to the sewing queue, right?). 😀

    Your heels are fab as well (another serious hole in my wardrobe, fabulous heels!)! 😀

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  5. I love the dress with your red cardigan and I absolutely love your Anthropologie necklace. Your look is constantly chic and so fresh. Love it! x

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