spots and stripes (and splashes)


Hum dum, another Monday, readers, right? As far as I’m concerned, the only guaranteed way to jazz up a Monday is with a good outfit and/or good pair of shoes. I may have the Monday blues, but I think sporting a spots and stripes jumper dress look in all blues is the best way to embrace them. …and yes, it sure did start raining during this photo shoot. In the spirit of embracing Monday, I went with it!


Dress: Marc Jacobs via consignment at Buffalo Exchange ($35, retails for approx $1,000+)
Top: Forever 21 via thrift ($3, retails for approx $20)
Shoes: Mia Limited Edition via thrift ($7, retail for approx $150)
Necklace: Charming Charlie’s (approx $10, marked down from approx $30)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) When shopping any sort of consignment or thrift, I’m always on the lookout for fakes. Sometimes, it’s very easy to spot a faux couture piece, but there is the occasional piece that I’m not sure of. One way to check apparel is to look at the tag, look for the “RN number,” and then look-up the the registered identification number to ensure that the RN is, in fact, the company you believe it is.  
Example from tag of dress featured in this post:
Website to check:
(click on ‘search the database’) 
While I don’t think checking the tag is 100% guarantee that you have an authentic piece, it’s one way to potentially weed out fakes. Another way to check tags a bit more quickly is to do a Google image search of the tags for a particular designer and compare the tag you have to the online pictures. 
2) Jumpers (especially layered jumpers) can get really juvenile looking really quick. I paired this layered jumper look with some serious heels to give it a grown-up feel. Personally, I think this particular styling with flats could look a little school uniform-esque (no offense, Marc Jacobs).  Additionally, full skirt jumpers (ie my favorite kind of jumper) can leave the wearer looking overwhelmed by volume, so heels help streamline the look and add height. The key to younger looking pieces is to style them accordingly. 
Anyone else have designer fakes/faux tips? Thanks for stopping by, readers! I hope everyone has a good start to the week!

34 replies to “spots and stripes (and splashes)

  1. Monday blues, I had them too but I wore pink 😉 great reference tip on spotting fakes I never knew that! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you, jumpers and flats are a bit school girl, the heels really change up the look! Looking fabulous! Have a great week!

  2. The dress is fabulous! At first I thought it was actually a separate skirt and top, but – aha! It’s a dress! Way cute!

    YES! More tips for looking cute but grown up, please share – I need them! I have a penchant for skater skirts and flat footwear (as you know), but I’m pretty sure I don’t look at all like an adult. Not that I want to look “old”, but you know what I mean. I’m in my 30s, I should at least try to pretend to be a grown up, right? 😀

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

      1. Haha! Is that the secret then? Pretend to be an adult long enough and suddenly you become one?! Ah, that’s a scary thought!

  3. I ❤ this whole outfit!! I love how you added the unconventional jewelry to make the look more interesting and daring 🙂

  4. Great shoes! I think my best thrift find was an escada dress, it was 7$ because the gipsy woman selling it had no idea what escada is! 😀 you must have had a great Monday because you looked fantastic, xx

  5. Oh I love the casual nature of the dress yet its so well fitted and flattering in a held shape; and you’ve paired it so well in the overally smart-casual outfit but keeping a boho spirit – excellent knack for style!

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