kickin’ it in keds


I have many fond memories of spending summers in white Keds. From what I remember, Keds were just plain white back when I was a mini Huntress. I’ve kept my eye on Keds ever since those days and umm, what up, fancy Keds? There are all sorts of fun designs, colors, and collaborations now. There’s both a Kate Spade and Taylor Swift collaboration, to name two of my favorites. In short, gym shoes have gone fun, fancy, and classy. And frankly, that’s the only way you’re gonna see this Huntress in gym shoes outside of a gym (…and you don’t see me there much, either! HA!). I have no idea why it took me so long to get back on the bandwagon, but I’m on it: kickin’ it in Keds. And I might add…my feet thanked me for sparing them a day in heels (though, as you can see, I kept a pair of heels with me for meetings) (sorry feet).


Dress: Gap ($24 marked down from $60)

Scarf: H&M (long time ago, maybe $4-5?)

Belt: Urban Outfitters (approx $5 marked down from approx $60)

Keds: Keds via Nordstrom Rack ($30 marked down from $50)

Red heels: Audrey Brooke at DSW ($30 marked down from $60)


Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I actually hadn’t seen Keds in Nordstrom Rack prior to recently, but they are all over the place in my local Nordstrom Rack! Most are at least $20 off their regular retail price.  Additionally, Keds online has a great sale selection. You really can’t beat their sale prices for gym shoes that really hold up. …only downside? You’ll probably be tempted to buy more than one pair, if you’re anything like me! However, you can also sign up for their emails and get additional discounts when they have sales.  Sale shoes can be found here:
2) Shirt dresses are where it’s at, readers! I posted yesterday about the joys of long sleeve dresses, and they can be found everywhere, though I find most of mine at Gap. The great thing about Gap is they seem to have the same style of shirt dress every season, which always fits the same way and is totally durable, and varied patterns by season. Their online sale going on right now has many shirtdresses for $15-$20. Sold. You can find them via Gap’s website:
As a side note, this dress was last seen here and styled slightly differently, just to give you an idea of how versatile they can be:
If you have tips on stylin’ gym shoes, leave them below! Thanks so much for stopping by, readers, as always!

30 replies to “kickin’ it in keds

  1. Love the outfit+ the comfort of a pair of cute Keds.
    as for stylin’ gym shoes… Nike always has some drool worthy ones…
    I’m loving the Nike Free 5 0 V3 Women’s Running Shoes in Mint Green Silver ❤ lol.

  2. Love this outfit! I am a big fan of comfy tennis shoes, and Keds are pretty close to the top of the list, especially with all of the cute designs they have now! LOVE IT! 🙂

  3. Cool Keds and me too—I’m totally lovin’ the sneaker trend too!
    Love styling them with cuffed jeans and a chic blazer…
    or black pleated midi skirt and graphic tee!!~ xo

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