scalloped, studded, and skipping (aka homage to modern mary poppins)


Readers, you all know how I feel about a rainy/gray day…I love skipping around in puddles, humming rain themed songs (there’s so many good ones!), and all around enjoying the cooler temperatures. This day was no exception. I was wearing a scalloped neckline dress and studded shoes, and was hanging around with an umbrella as a prop for my photos. With my umbrella in these photos, I sort-of felt like Mary Poppins- minus the giant bag and formal gray suit. …which, of course, brings me to my next point. I also love a good homage. In today’s homage, I honor the lovely and quite talented Mary Poppins. I suspect that if Mary Poppins was out there job interviewing these days, she might have updated her somewhat dowdy suit for a more colorful dress and a nice pair of flats. She would have, undoubtedly, kept her magic umbrella though. This is my best Mary Poppins gone modern in scallops, studs, and skipping in puddles.


Dress: Filene’s Basement (years ago; I think around $15, marked down from $100)

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft (borrowed)

Shoes: Rampage via Marshall’s ($16 marked down from $40)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Here in Chicago, it’s a bit late in the season to still be wearing tights, but you know what that means: this is the best time to buy tights! If you can still find them, grab them up! I’ve noticed that most stores are not stocking tights right now, but many places still have them online. For example, Kohl’s has a lot of tights online right now, most of which are less than $5 a pair. Target still had some in stores when I was last there, but online is a good option as well. 
2) This dress was one of those dresses that almost fit like a glove off the rack- almost. I noticed that it was a little big in the waist when I tried it on, but that it fit everywhere else. Luckily, with the black fabric around the waist, I was able to sew and pull in the sides a little without making my amateur tailoring very noticeable. I’m a firm believer that small tailoring jobs can be done by someone who can do basic sewing. However, for bigger jobs or if you don’t feel as comfortable with small jobs, don’t pass up a good find just because it might need a little tailoring. I’ve found that tailoring can be very affordable and can make a piece off the rack look as though it was made for you. If you don’t already have a tailor that you like and trust, you can check out for reviews for one in your area. 
Anyone else finding great things off season right now? Any recommendations to what to look for? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! Happy Monday!

34 replies to “scalloped, studded, and skipping (aka homage to modern mary poppins)

  1. Love that fantastic neckline!!! Yes, a little tailoring can go a looonnnngggg way.

    I must say I love buying off season things – however at the moment I need to cut back. I have a ton of winter items I bought recently, and here winter is half over already! So no more! 😀

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  2. Not a huge rainy day fan, unless it rains and goes away. The weather we have been having is more frustrating than anything. I am pretty sure there will be no summer this year. Ugh. curses curses. ANyways..having gotten past that, hello gorgeous-printed-dress-on-a-gorgeous-you!!! Love it!!

  3. “I was hanging around with an umbrella” 🙂 How cute. They’re great company, umbrellas, aren’t they? We often stroll together in the rain, my umbrella and me. We have an understanding.
    🙂 Splash on! xo

  4. Melissa, you truly do shine! I absolutely love this outfit. I’ll take it. Now, the only prob being, where would I wear it? I need to create a place in my life where I can again start wearing nice clothes and bring my jewelry out of their boxes. Great post, friend. It’s good to be back here! Love, Amy

    1. Oh my, Amy! I’m so glad you asked that!! I sort-of feel like I want to bring back dressing up in dresses to go to places like the grocery store- lol!! Right!? Wouldn’t it be fun to hang around the hardware store in some outrageously big skirt and/or dress ensemble!? This might be a one person revolution…but I kind-of love the idea :)!! xo and btw, welcome back!

      On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 12:25 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


      1. That is what I used to do, Melissa, honestly. I love wearing dresses, making me feel so much like a woman. I wore such cool shoes and jewelry and of course the makeup with my hair oh so neatly done. Somehow I’ve gotten away from all that, and I really miss it. I love big full skirts and then tight fitting tops as well as loose, but revealing just a tad bit. I used to wear lace with leather. I mixed and matched things that people usually don’t. That is why I LOVE what you do. I are innovative and different. I LIKE that! LOL And thank you for the welcome back. It was a tough couple of weeks. (((HUGS))) Amy

      2. Awww!! Well, I hope you get back to that whenever you want to/feel like you can. There was a long stretch when I just stopped crafting, sewing, and creating things…it was a sad stretch of time. Having the blog reminded me of those things that I used to love and can now love again 🙂 I know you had a rough couple of weeks, but I’m so glad you are back! Your photos and words always make my day. …and makes me want to go sit somewhere in nature~!! big hug!!

        On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 4:11 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


      3. It’s been a tough couple of years. Your blog is getting me interested again in clothes and how I look. I took a look in my closets and I shuddered. Oh do I need NEW. New colors, new looks, new everything. I really do admire what you do, Melissa, and I want you to know you are encouraging me to get back to how I really love to be. Dressed and feeling like a WOman. (smiling) xx Amy

      4. That makes my day!!!! So, thank you so much for that. You were the one that inspired me to think more about my photos! This is one of the many reasons why I love the blogging community- it’s all about connecting, sharing, supporting and inspiring. Xo

        On Tuesday, June 24, 2014, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


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