to the max (aka half summer half spring)


What do you wear when it’s half summer half spring (half fall)? You wear a maxi dress, of course. As you all know, I’ll use just about any excuse to wear anything remotely pajama-like to work, and a maxi dress is no exception. Instead of droning on about how much I like pajamas and how I wish we could all wear sweat pants and yoga pants to work, I’m going to keep it short and simple today. Pajamas, how I love thee. Maxi dress, you are indeed a close second. (Is it weird I talk to my clothes like they are people?) (I’ll save that for a different post, perhaps.)


Dress: Mimi Chica via consignment ($16, retails for approx $52)
Shrug: Nordstrom Rack (so long ago, cannot remember the price!)
Shoes: Dolce Vita via Marshall’s ($20 marked down from $100)
Long necklace: gift
Short necklace: Fab ($25)


Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Styling a maxi dress for work can be a bit of a challenge, at least for me! It’s hard to not make the outfit look either too informal or too pajama-like. By adding a cardigan or a blazer, you both cover your shoulders (requirements at my work) and add some formality to the dress.  Additionally, wearing heels with a maxi dress can go a long way in making the dress look more formal.  I last wore this dress with heels, as seen here:
2) One of the biggest challenges in dressing for work is hot weather. Luckily, we’ve had a lot of cool weather, so it hasn’t been bad in Chicago lately. However, I foresee this coming and am guessing it will be a challenge yet again this summer. As an alternative to traditional blazers and cardigans, I really like using shrugs and short-sleeve blazers in summer to layer over dresses. I find a lot of shrugs at Nordstrom Rack, and places like White House Black Market. I tend to find short sleeve blazers at places like Forever 21 and Old Navy. In my experience, don’t need a super high end short sleeve blazer, as it’s one of those pieces that really only gets limited use in summer months. I’m sure I’ll be posting them as it gets warmer here in Chicago. Stay tuned!
Anyone else have workplace summer styling tips? Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it!

55 replies to “to the max (aka half summer half spring)

  1. Love the short sleeve blazer summer styling tips! I have a serious lack of blazers in my wardrobe, I rely far to heavily on cardigans. 😀 Speaking of which, I love the cardi you’re wearing!

  2. Oh my gosh can I steal this dress?! I talk to my clothes all the time. The Mr is in Chicago this week and was a mess about what to pack because of the warm (but rainy) weather all week.

    xx Cara

  3. Oh man I have those flats and now I feel a little more fashionable. You wear a maxidress like a pro! (I always look like I’m wearing a moo moo no matter how hard I try.)

    1. LOL!! I love that you have them too! Maxi dresses are really tough when they don’t have either a tie or something to add shape. I have a couple that do look like unshapely sacks, but I kind of love that 60s look! I say call it retro and rock your maxi dresses!! 🙂 xo

      On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 2:34 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


      1. You call it “retro” I call it “bloated and you can’t tell!” ❤
        You look amazing as always!

  4. Wow 🙂 that dress speaks comfort 😀 suits you really well!!!!
    I loved the dress with the mint flats than with the heels … But ya I understand your work woes 😛

  5. That is one beautiful dress on one beautiful girl!!! I can’t get over all your poses…you’re so darn creative!

    1. Awww thank you! Honestly, I always feel mega awkward with the poses…and there’s a lot of “oh my…that did not work out the way I envisioned…” but I’m glad they look okay! I have a top notch coach/friend/photographer who helps me! xo

      On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 7:33 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


      1. Haha no judging here, I’m like that with remotes for whatever reason I can never figure out how to change the inputs. If you already have a Gmail account it’s as easy as hitting the subscribe button! If you have to create one then don’t worry about it. 😉

      2. Okay, cool! I can definitely do that! 🙂 I’ll check it out ASAP! Thanks for not judging…it’s basically a miracle I could figure out how to blog…and I stayed away from Twitter for months because I figured it would be “too complicated” then someone pointed out that little kids can Tweet, so….LOL long story short, I’ll head over to You Tube soon!! xo! Hope your shop is going well!! #yougo

        On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 12:19 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


      3. So much has changeeeed, I’m not there anymore. *le sigh long story short, next time I’m going into business alone! Twitter is amazing, I’m always tweeting about non-fashion things but people don’t mind I guess? I’m like that too, until I get frustrated then look up a YouTube tutorial on how to do something theeeeen I’m like why did I think this was impossible? Umm and so happy you learned how to blog, def one of my favorites out there to date! You’re the best! xo

      4. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you are doing well! LOL YouTube is still a total mystery to me…I’m not really 100% confident I could figure that one out. You are one of my favs too! Bbloggers unite~!! xoxo

        On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 12:24 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


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