mad for mod podge (aka occupied by octopi)


I would say my obsession with Mod Podge is borderline unhealthy. In my quest for knowledge that I don’t really need, I researched the founder of Mod Podge. Who was this brilliant person, you ask? Well, her name was Jan Wetstone and she invented Mod Podge in her garage in the 1960s, after finding traditional decoupage too cumbersome. When testing it, she apparently Mod Podge-d all sorts of things…including a car (picture here).

In what I hope is true Mod Podge spirit, I Mod Podged a plastic octopus toy and made it into a necklace. Ms. Wetsone, I didn’t know you, but I definitely admire you. I hope I did you justice…and btw, I, too, will Mod Podge just about anything in sight. And now that I have the glitter version…don’t even. It’s a 1960s glitter podge party. I’m occupied by octopi, 60s crafting supplies, and Pinterest DIYs.
Top: J Crew via resale ($6 tags still attached!, retails for $80)
Pants: Gap ($8 marked down from $50)
Shoes: Nine West via resale ($12, retails for approx $100)
Necklace: made it! (cost to make was about $1.50)
Ship necklace: gift
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) We continue to get random spurts of cold weather here, so wearing “spring” clothes is a bit of a challenge. However, I’ve been sticking with light colors and pastels to still give the appearance of “spring” while staying warm. I think button downs are one of the easiest pieces to transition. They can go over dresses, under dresses, under sweaters, un-buttoned, with tank tops, with cardigans, on their own, etc, etc. Whenever I see button downs on sale, I grab them! I particularly love Gap’s selection (great prints and colors), which go on sale very regularly.  If you’re into thrifting, button downs can be found in huge quantities at many local shops. I found this J Crew top with tags still attached at my local resale shop.
2) This necklace was SO EASY, readers. The only drawback was that the acrylic paint I used needed more layers than anticipated, so the painting took a few days between coats. However, while I was waiting between coats, I saw some amazing DIYs that break down how people have made similar necklaces. They can be found here and here. The second link will blow your mind, I promise. This clever blogger made her own DIY Anthro necklaces for about a dollar, compared to the $38 they were selling for…amazing. If you’re just generally interested in Mod Podge finishes, this is a good visual on the different types. 
Anyone else have DIY tips? Button down styling tips? Happy Monday, readers! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

25 replies to “mad for mod podge (aka occupied by octopi)

  1. Octopus necklace is too cute 🙂 And goes awesome with the shoes 🙂
    I have in my house now for the first time Mod Podge because we have so many products similar in use, this one never found it’s way until now… I haven’t tried it out yet…
    Uh, you talk about Pinterest DIY… I won’t even go there because I will get stuck like in Narnia… I have already several things I am working on, some that are done and awaiting to be pressented on blog… I don’t know what do you mean by DIY tips? I think you can maybe draw a face for the cute octopus 😀

    1. Oooo I hope you enjoy it!! It’s so popular here, I’m glad it made its way over to you! Yes, that’s what I meant! The face is a great DIY tip 🙂 I also get stuck on Pinterest and can’t get away from it!! xo

      On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 5:13 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


      1. I have liked few pags on FB I get stuck if I visit them… And yeah of course, I have a folder with all of little diy tips and things that I want to try or remake in my own way… So many ideas, so little time 😀

  2. I have always envied mod podge capabilities. I know I will get sucked into it if I started, so I have stayed away. Girl, that octopus is the cutest!! Love how it stands out on your plaid shirt..and those neon pink pumps? Ooh.Emm.Gee!!

  3. I admire your Mod Podge skills, girl. What a cute necklace! And those shoes?!?!?! LOVE!

  4. I love this! The color combinations are gorgeous. And I tend to follow a similar mindset for dressing in color–sometimes in winter when I really want it to be spring I’ll dress in very spring-y hues 🙂

  5. Andy hid my mod podge and I still can’t find it. I think because it was becoming too much of a habit… like that is even possible;). Love this necklace and your entire look, you are always so well put together!

    xx Cara

  6. Oh the joys of Pinterest crafts – I love it! Your mod podge’d octopus is fabulous and I just loooove how it matches those amazing heels!!! Such a fun outfit! 🙂

  7. Great post! I’m LOVING those shoes….I can’t believe I have no pink shoes of any sort. I’ll have to go shopping soon! Love the necklace too…so cute and a great craft (that I could actually do and not screw up!) xx…Cortneybre…

  8. Had not heard of Mod Podge prior to this posting but am SO in love with the octopus necklace (hot pink is clearly THE ONLY color choice for such a perfect item) – well done!!!! And those shoes – purrrrrrr

  9. Ooh? Where have I been?! Never heard of it. I’m still on decoupage. I didn’t get the memo but I’m ready to move on to the next step. Mod Podge, here I come, better late than never!!

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