merry in marimekko

I’ve been a fan of Marimekko since I first saw some dresses in a shop in Sweden many years ago. It was love at first sight. A Finnish company, Marimekko has been printing their designs and creating clothing since 1951. I feel a little bad for anyone who has had to listen to me talk about how many of their prints started as paper and paint spread out on the floor on a canvas and then converted into a repeating print on fabric…and the subsequent stories of the inspiration behind the art. So you can imagine what happened when I heard about the Banana Republic Marimekko Collection; my excitement was overflowing. To be honest, the collection doesn’t even really come close to what I think Marimekko can really bring to the table, but I am still so happy to be hanging out in my first Marimekko dress. And, of course, I couldn’t show the dress without sharing the creator’s inspiration behind the fabric print, known as: Siirtolapuutarha.


A flower blooms from the grey concrete. A morsel of nature in the urban jungle.

Strolling the streets of the city, Maija Louekari marvels at the tiny gardens tucked into the nooks of urban life. Siirtolapuutarha is Finnish for “allotment,” which refers to the community gardens allotted to city dwellers.”

Swoon. I’m merry in Marimekko.


Dress: Marimekko for Banana Republic ($100 marked down from $130, used a coupon)

Shoes: DSW ($5 marked down from approx $75)

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack ($5 marked down from approx $20)

Cuff: Hermes (gift)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I have liked many collaborations between designers and bigger retail stores. The price point is generally more affordable than designer originals and the quality can still be quite good, depending on the retail store. Some of the collections, including this one, in my opinion, doesn’t really get at the heart of the designer, but still makes the clothing more accessible than it would be otherwise. Another way to snag a designer you love is, of course, via resale, or via online shopping. Marimekko’s US website has a pretty decent sale section, but I’ve found you need to check somewhat regularly to find pieces you are eyeing because their collections are fairly small. If you’re shopping a retail collection/collaboration, get online early. I got this dress the morning the collection was available, and by 6 am, it was the last blue dress I could find on the Banana Republic website.

2) Maxi dresses at work. I think it can be done, but I’m going to need to think this one through! I’m thinking of adding a short sleeve blazer or a cardigan and wearing the dress to work. I’ll post it when I do style it for work. My other idea is wearing it in fall with a long cozy sweater.

Anyone else have any ideas for styling this dress for work? I’d love your tips!! Thanks so much for stopping by, readers. I appreciate it so much!

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  1. I am just the same with their prints, I was telling the Mr about how their prints are done and he fell asleep… such a brat;) LOVE this dress on you!

    xx Cara

  2. This is such a beautiful dress and I love that you got a Hermes cuff as a gift!! I also wanted to let you know that since I’m fairly new to blogging I was nominated for 2 awards and I in turn have nominated you with the Liebster award (I know you’re not a new blog but you are new to me) and I wanted to share that I enjoy your blog. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it 🙂 I’m a fan of your blog too! And I’m glad that we’ve become blogging buddies! Congrats to you on your awards!! Xo

      On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


  3. That dress and print is insanely pretty!! ❤ I've always wanted something of their print as it's so pretty! I think Crate and Barrel sold some sheets of theirs and totally wanted some. Now that I see they make dresses, I'd rather have that!!

    1. Oh girl, they sure did! And I was excited because I got the duvet cover!! But, I have to say….the dress is actually my favorite :)!! xo

      On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 12:14 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


  4. I had my eyes on this dress, and then my delay in purchasing, resulted in out f stock everywhere! YOu look breathtaking, and more reason for me to slap my forehead for not getting it when I had the chance!! Love Marimekko designs, had the opportunity to go into and see many of their stores while in Finland, and everyone of them is as beautiful as the other!! Loving the cuff lady..super eye candy!!

  5. Hey there! I’ve invited you to take part in the “Writing Process Blog Tour,” which basically involves giving your readers a little bit of insight into the inner workings of your blog. You can learn more about it here: But if you’re not interested, I totally understand!

    P.S. The print on that dress is so pretty and that shade of blue is gorgeous!

  6. I simply have goose-bumps when I finally get to slip in my summer shorts, tops and dresses ❤ It is a special moment. 🙂 And this maxi dress looks like something I would definitely enjoy, blue color… Beautiful.

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