tentatively without tights

Readers, I don’t want to say it. But I’m going to. I’m already missing tights season. I know, I know. I lamented about cold weather for post after post and now here I am talking about tights. It just really goes to show you, the grass is always greener, right? I guess the moral of the story here is stop looking back, stop looking forward, and appreciate life as it happens. And appreciate tights when you can wear them. Sigh. Easier said than done. For now, I’m going to take it day by day and be grateful of this wonderful weather and sun…because I know I sure will be missing it come fall.


Top: c/o American Fashion Fox *

Skirt: Soprano via Nordstrom Rack ($16 marked down from $60)

Stone necklace: gift

Tassel necklace: made it!

Shoes: BCBG via DSW ($11 marked down from approx $100)

Bag: Peter Pilotto for Target ($3 marked down from $40)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) The Peter Pilotto collection still has a few pieces at Target via online and in-stores. I found a few pieces in the clearance section in the actual store; so, you can check out your local store, if interested.  If you want to go online, just google “Peter Pilotto for Target” and it should pull up what’s left of the collection online. I wanted to include a link, but it didn’t work, sorry, readers! I was surprised to see a number of pieces left, as I figured it was long gone! Per standard trend, the prices in the actual store seemed lower than online.

2) As you all know, I started my foray into online resale shopping when I was collaborating with American Fashion Fox. I found the quality to be great and the zoom featured allowed me to easily look at pieces “close” up. I highly recommend online resale that has a zoom feature to really look at items, or stick with a trusted site that ensures high quality pieces without any damages on their items. I LOVE digging through resale shops, for real readers, but my caveat is that it can get pretty time consuming depending on the shop, and I normally don’t leave with more than 1-3 items per visit. As a result, I do think online is a good way to have someone else dig and pull out the gems for you to then sort through. 

Anyone else still seeing the Peter Pilotto collection in their local stores? Did you like the collection and did you think it was good quality? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

*please note that I received this top from American Fashion Fox, but I have no financial or other relationship with this company, and all opinions are my own.

42 replies to “tentatively without tights

  1. I totally understand how you feel! I kind of miss fall/winter weather and the styles that go along with them now, which is absolutely crazy, but I can’t help it!

  2. have I told you how much i love looking at your outfits. You make me want to actually care about how I dress on office days. I may be doing that. Too cute this outfit is nice

  3. No. No no no. Don’t miss tights weather just yet!! Savor the beginning of SUMMER!

    Seriously though, cute outfit, per usual!!

  4. I miss boots. I have such a great selection and now they will get now airtime for months.
    These initial summer days are tricky. Shoes bite at newly bared skin. 🙂

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