Q&A interview with Dear Ali Grace~!

Lovely Q&A from Dear Ali Grace

Thank you so much for the interview!! xo

Dear Ali Grace

The other day I asked Fashion blogger, Melissa, a few questions about her blog The Fashion Huntress! I find her blog to be an extremely unique fashion blog and her fashion is geared towards more of the working lifestyle because she is always dressing for work but trying to look fashionable while doing so. If you haven’t checked out Melissa’s blog before, it’s a must! (Click the link above or go to http://www.thefashionhuntress.wordpress.com!


Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you’re based from, and the name of your blog? 
My name is Melissa (aka The Fashion Huntress), and I’m a fashion blogger based in Chicago. I’m a social worker by day and a blogger by night. My blog is focused on finding great fashion for work (and casual wear, though predominantly work wear) at affordable prices.

When did you first start blogging and what made you want to start your blog?
Fashion and…

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13 thoughts on “Q&A interview with Dear Ali Grace~!

  1. Wow! Melissa I’m really happy that I meet you even here in Internet but I believe you are incredible person! Interview Is wonderful and really interesting, you know that I dont like reading but this Interview I read completely and now I know a bit more about you:))) maybe we will be able sometimes to meet in person I would love to:)))

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