mad about magenta


Readers, I found myself reaching for a sweatshirt this morning. Let’s face it. This whole winter weather in spring thing is kind-of a downer. On the other hand, it’s sunny. So, I had a mini talk with myself while getting ready:

“Self. You can’t wear sweats today to work. It’s not okay to violate a dress code just because it’s cold out. I know, I know. You want to stay in bed and stay warm. But you can’t do that either. You need to just go ahead and pick out a grown-up outfit. I know, I know. Times are tough. Now. Get moving. Oh, shoot. Now you’re late. Goodbye, Starbucks. I’ll miss you. GAH! Go go go! Oooo, that jacket looks FAB! Alright, day, let’s do this!”  I think that monologue says it all. Another day, another look, always just trying to make it work, right? Toss on something bright, a fun pair of shoes, and head right on out that door to take the world by storm all over again.
Jacket: Gap ($25 marked down from $130)
Top: Ann Taylor Loft ($14 marked down from $60)
Pants: Gap ($8 marked down from $50)
Heels: BCBG via DSW ($11 marked down from approx $100)
Necklace: Mango store in Spain many years ago
Bracelet: J Crew ($10 marked down from approx $40)
(nails: Parka Perfect by Essie)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I saw this jacket many months ago, and figured it wouldn’t even make it to the sales because it was so cute. But lo and behold, it sure did. The funny thing is, it took months go on sale. I think I initially saw it in November? So, it just goes to show you. Most things really do go on sale eventually. There were very few winter items left, but the Gap sale continues, readers. If you are interested, most items were marked down to at least $20. 
2) It seems like many of us remain in areas that are still experiencing fairly cold weather. It’s remained in the 30s here in Chicago. It really makes spring dressing challenging! I’ve decided to stick with winter brights, as a result. This jacket is probably a “winter jacket” but the bright color really made it work for a spring look. I then added another bright to the look with the lace top. Together, the look is “spring” but still layered and warm. 
I would really love anyone else’s tips for how to dress in this really odd transition time! This is unseasonably cold, even for Chicago, so I feel a bit lost some days!
Thanks for stopping by, readers! Your comments, tips, and words of encouragement always make me smile.

33 replies to “mad about magenta

  1. $25 for that spring jacket? what a steal – i’m thinking i need one of my own 🙂 and i know what you mean about wanting some actual spring weather so that we can wear dresses and shorts and skirts and leave all the winter gear in the closet. i guess the benefit is that all the winter stuff is on sale?

  2. I saw that pink jacket on sale at Gap a few months ago and I’m sooo sad I didn’t grab it back then. It looks amazing on you and I love it with that neon yellow top! Definitely brightened my day a bit.


  3. Love the jacket! If you’re interested at all I just had a post on my blog last week about dressing for this crazy weather.

  4. Luckily for us in the UK (Cornwall for me!) it is beautifully warm so I am getting out the tights and spring colours already! There will be a post up later today on how I style the Breton tee if you’re interested please stop by and let me know what you think!

    Emma-Lou xx

  5. For days when sweats aren’t acceptable just wrap your duvet around you and go in! Hides the sweats and keeps you warm. Andy wants to move back to Chicago so bad and I don’t think I could deal with that cold. You do look incredibly chic while braving it! I will trade you all my shoes for that jacket;)

    xx Cara

  6. I love that jacket. I can’t believe you had the patience to wait for it to go on sale. I would have scooped it up at full price, and probably kicked myself when it did go on sale. Patience pays off.
    ps. totally understand that inner monologue.

  7. Patience paid off! That jacket is fabulous. I need more magenta in my life! Tell me if you ever see a Magenta cardi anywhere… 😀

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