waning in warm and cold


Well, it’s that time of year, readers. We’ve hit the period of spring and winter collision. It’s 30 degrees in the mornings, and 60 degrees by the afternoon. Well, this puts us all in a bit of a dressing conundrum, if you ask me. In the morning, I’m wearing down and Uggs, then I end up in a cardigan and sockless. It’s confusing. But, I’m busting out the scarves and serious layers to wax and wane in warm and cold. By the time I get the hang of this weather and dressing for it, I’m sure Mother Nature will change her mind and go straight for 100 degrees. I’m onto you, Mother Nature. I’m one step ahead of you, and totally ready for whatever is coming my way. …fashion metaphor for life? You betcha.


Top: Gap ($6 marked down from $30)

Pants: Gap ($7 marked down from $60)

Scarf: Gap ($4 marked down from $30)

Purse: Kate Spade (gift)

Necklace: made it! (more info here)

Blue shoes: Dolce Vita ($20 marked down from $100)

Daytime kitten heels: Aubrey Brooke from DSW ($12 marked down from $99)


Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Significant temperature changes throughout the day can be really challenging, especially for work ensembles, when you basically pick one look in the morning and have to wear it all day. I recommend scarves, cardigans, and a change of shoes! As many of you know, I keep a lot of shoes around my office for this very reason. I always have a least one pair of flats in brown and one in black on hand; I also keep heels in brown and black on hand. At the very least, you can always transition your shoes, as needed, to keep up with whatever the weather has coming.  As a side note, I photographed this look with two different pairs of shoes to show a more causal and more formal look.
2) This is basically the very last of the winter clothes I think we will see in stores (at least in the Chicago area).  I went to Gap this week and saw their scarves had been marked down to about $4-$5. You can always get them now and store them for fall, or use them throughout the winter/spring transition.  I have not seen much winter footwear or jackets left…but I do think sweaters and scarves seem to be floating around on sale quite a bit, so keep a lookout! 
Anyone else still finding winter clothes for good prices? Thank you, readers, so much for stopping by! I appreciate it so very much! Enjoy the sun, if you can!

22 replies to “waning in warm and cold

  1. You’re right…this weather does present quite the conundrum! But I think your suggestions are great, especially cardigans! P.S. I am really loving all of your creative poses 🙂

  2. Love it! I completely agree with you that the weather is so confusing, especially here in Toronto. It’s supposed to be 21 celcius tomorrow with rain and then Tuesday dropping to -5 celcius with snow! Insane. I guess I can’t pack away the winter jacket yet. Btw… I was gonna get that gap scarf you’re wearing when they had that huge sale. But ended up getting the plaid one in the same colours!

    P.S. Also loving your bag!

  3. The weather is a big blech! Warm, cold, rainy..i dont think the weather God’s can make up their own minds yet! Anyways..I am digging the blues!! I always keep a pair of cardigan handy and a pair booties in my car in the winter. Who knows when I would need them. Hating the random and rampant weather changes here! Gah.

  4. Sounds like my kind of weather. I love layering but unfortunately I don’t get to do it all that often as it’s generally hot for 9 months of the year where Iive. Lovely palette and outfit as always 🙂

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