fabulous fuchsia (couture)


As you know or may not know, I actually don’t write sponsored posts on this blog. If I’m approached to take a look at something someone does, then I happily will oblige- but I personally will not accept products for payment or publicity. In true Huntress fashion, if I think something is legit, then I will talk your ear off about it (Cole Haan shoes, anyone? Because I still gab about those non-stop).

With that being said, let me introduce you to Fuchsia Couture by Liliana. A bit ago, Liliana asked me to take a look at her work, which I was happy to do. This is what ensued via email (nearly exact quotes):

Liliana: About what size/shape do you think you are?

Me: I’m pear shaped. My sizes range significantly from store to store.

What arrived was nothing short of a miracle. Jeans and a dress that fit a glove with Liliana having taken no measurements. Shut the front door, sister is legit.

I really admire people following their dreams, which is what she is doing: California based (Sacramento), all her own designs, sewing done by an indie shop, Eco friendly bamboo fabric from North Carolina, and a price point of about $50-$75 for custom clothes. So, this is an unsolicited shout-out to Fuchsia Couture by Liliana. #yougogirl

Here’s where she can be found: Fuchsia Couture by Liliana


Dress: c/o Fuchsia Couture

Sweater: Marshalls ($20 marked down from approx $50)

Tights: seriously so old, I can’t even remember what I paid, but I know they are VS Pink

Necklace: gift

Shoes: Marshall’s (approx $20 marked down from approx $100)

Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Custom made jeans are a great idea for anyone having a hard time finding pants (ie pretty much everyone, right?). Fuchsia Couture is one of the most affordable ways I’ve seen to get a pair of your own. I like Nordstrom Rack for jeans but have found that they generally still run fairly high for jeans ($100+), and I think that price point is still a bit high and they are obviously not custom there.

2) Although this is a short-sleeve dress, I added some pink tights, ankle boots, and a sweater to transition it during our odd Chicago weather period! I think this dress would also look great worn on its own with heels, or just ankle boots and no tights for a funky look. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it 100 more times, a lot of dresses can be transitioned through all four seasons with just a little bit of layering up or layering down.

Anyone else have styling tips for summer dresses? Thanks so much for stopping by, lovely readers! I appreciate it so very much!

31 replies to “fabulous fuchsia (couture)

  1. Cool outift, and cool pictures as always! For dresses with cold/transition weather, I sometimes wear tights, bright colorful socks, and then boots or sneakers where only the top of the socks shows, or legwarmers. It probably sounds crazier than it looks, but I quite like to do that. Maybe I can post a pic sometime! 🙂

    1. Me too! I tried on two different “straight line” dresses this week and they were both really unflattering/vaguely disastrous. At least I have one now! LOL

      On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 8:31 AM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


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