secret agent stripes


Let’s face it. I’m clearly not a secret agent (are you so surprised to hear this??). But, as my friend pointed out, from these photos, maybe I could be a secret agent- hiding in the shadows under a bridge. Frankly, the fact that it’s above 15 degrees in Chicago means that I’ll be hiding in the shadows, hanging in the sun, basically anything outdoors- as long as weather is permitting. So, I guess that means that I’m a secret agent sneaking up on Spring in these photos…making sure She’s here to stay.

“We’ll pay you handsomely, but you see, don’t steal our sun.” -The Thrills, Don’t Steal Our Sun
Sweater: Banana Republic ($7 marked down from $80)
Skirt: Soprano via Nordstrom Rack ($20 marked down from $60)
Shoes: Lula Townsend at DSW ($12 marked down from $79)
Tights: Target ($8)
Necklace: gift
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) You guys, you won’t believe this. I saw this sweater online over the weekend still marked at $60 on sale. What? I paid $7! Unclear what is going on there, but I’ve seen this quite a bit with stores like Banana Republic and Gap. I know some people can find amazing steals online, but in those stores, I tend to find way better deals in the store. If you have the time, my recommendation is to check out the stores’ clearance section. It’s worth your while to save significantly more!
2) This sweater is definitely what I consider to be a transitional sweater. It’s not too thick and it’s very bright. I decided it worked perfectly on a day when the weather really wasn’t spring, but w3asn’t quite winter. I pack away a few sweaters every spring because they are simply too thick for spring.  However, I generally keep my thin sweaters out at least until summer, because you can get away with wearing them past winter. I think an easy way to transition this look into full-on spring would be to ditch the tights and add strappy sandals. Easy as that, you guys!
Anyone else keeping out their sweaters a bit longer? Loving a peplum sweater?
Thanks for stopping by, readers! Happy Monday and wishing you all a great week!

48 replies to “secret agent stripes

  1. Love love love this outfit! The sweater is adorable! $7???? Get outta here😉😍!!

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  2. Your posts make me smile! Halle Berry watch out there’s a new Bond girl in town 😉 Yes I’ve run into price mismatching at Gap. How is that possible?! I’m a huge fan of peplum right now and I’m loving your sweater! Great color on you!

  3. You definitely can be a spy or secret agent, I love your posing especially on last pictures! Fabulous outfit! How do you keep your body in such great shape?

    1. Thanks, Oxana!! HA! I appreciate that- I really am terrible about going to the gym!!! I try and walk a lot to make up for it but not sure how much that really helps. Mostly, I just try and dress to hide the areas that need work! I appreciate it though! I would ask you the exact same thing!! 🙂

      On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 6:00 AM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


      1. Thanks:)))) I also trying to dress in such way which can help me to cover areas, also I’m trying for dinner eat only veggies without noodles or food like that, but really I’m tired from my terrible jelly- belly and I started doing exercises from last Sunday,we bought CD with Dance workout for playstation and I walk with weight on my hands and really hope I will be in love with workout ( but I’m really lazy) and will get appropriate body soon so I could show off my 6 packs:))))

      2. You go!! I definitely hear that. I feel like my excuse is the same as most people, “I’m too tired to do that!” LOL but mostly, I just don’t want to! I admire your plan, though. I really need to work on mine- especially with the weather getting better. At least then we can walk around a little more than we have been able to here in Chicago! Keep us posted on how it goes 🙂 I’ll take any tips I can get!! xo

        On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 7:58 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


  4. Lovin’ the peplum top paired with the pencil skirt. The colour of your sweater is fantastic. I keep my thinner sweaters out too and wear them on the cooler nights in the summer.
    I’ve noticed the same thing with Gap…the clearance prices vary from online to in store. I thought maybe it was just a Canadian thing, with some stores just trying to clear out a particular item…but it doesn’t seem right to me!

    xo, Jackie

    1. Thanks girl!! It’s so interesting- it seems like this sale price issue happens to a lot of people at Banana and Gap! At least we are in on the secret of going to the store versus online shopping! xo

      On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 7:58 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


  5. Very cute! Though the weather did take a little turn for the colder today :(. Yesterday was such a treat!

  6. I am loving the skirt shirt combinations you’ve been doing. That shirt is such a beautiful shade of blue. Btw I get all my socks and tights from Target, love that store. Love this outfit!

  7. What great taste you/we have! I have that same sweater and paid $14 for it early in February. As always, I love how you styled it!

  8. $7 say what?! I’m always looking at the clearance sections first ALWAYS. It’s when I have my most energy in the store, and also I’m not biased and comparing the “cheaper” section by looking at all the pretty expensive things first.

    That sweater is seriously awesome though…not only is it a peplum, but it’s striped, and blue on blue. It’s a look I’ve never seen done, but it gets you noticed and whoever designed it at BR has some balls, lol love it!

    1. That’s such a good point! It definitely seems like it’s a good way to use most of your energy in the sale section and to not be biased at all :)!! I like seeing all the great stuff in the sale section first, because then I see all the great finds, and think “eh…that other stuff will go on sale eventually” when I’m in the other sections!

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