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Do you ever have those days that come full circle? My day started out with my feeling super strong, then feeling super small….and then feeling super strong again. I guess that is to say that I started my day feeling as though I was proudly representing myself, only to turn around and make myself small. It’s so interesting what situations bring out feelings of, “I’ve got this! I am doing great!” and what situations bring out feelings, “I don’t have this. I have no idea what to do.” So how does it come full circle? And how did it come full circle that day? …by reminding myself of the adage, “just do you.” Oh yeah…just be me. I can do that.  And then I was back to strong again. I’ve totally got this.

Well, for now, anyway. And that’s just fine too. This is my ‘strong and small and back to strong’ look…aka how to ensure people stare at you as you pose for photos demonstrating your super hulk strength.
“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde
Top: Forever 21 ($20)
Pants: Gap ($21 marked down from $55)
Boots: Express ($20 marked down from approx $70)
Necklace: gift
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I am the first one to say, “oh, you can mix and match just about anything!” …these pants seem to be the exception for me. I’ve had a really hard time changing my top from anything other than a navy blue top or a denim top when I wear these pants. I would love other people’s suggestions if you have them! Some pieces are just flat-out hard to mix and match. On the other hand, I really like them, so I decided to get them regardless of their “inflexibility.” If you find something you love, but it doesn’t really “mix-up” all that well, that’s okay too! Not everything can be heavily rotated in a lot of different ways.
2) Patterned pants are definitely still being shown a lot for spring, so it’s time to bust out any pairs you may have had from last spring or summer! You can find patterned pants just about anywhere these days, though I tend to see them most frequently at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. Prices range on patterned pants, but I generally try to find them on sale for <$20. Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy all have days where everything in the store is on sale, or when they have a “pants sale.” Signing up for their emails is a good way to find out about these sales. If you don’t want a ton of emails in your inbox, you can also just look on their website to see what their sales are for the day. 
Anyone else loving printed pants? Have any that seem harder to mix-up?
Thanks for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so much!

39 replies to “strong and small

  1. I would pair the pants with complementary colors like yellow, white and any other color on the pants prints.
    As for feeling strong vs small, it takes a lot of strength to realize you dont know something and have no idea how to do it! That is the real strength. You got that part nailed dear..

  2. Patterned trousers are really hard because they have the tendency to make legs look short (even though yours aren’t).

    Here in Japan (where they do tend to have short legs – have I put my foot in it!), with patterned trousers, they would wear a short-sleeved tunic top which goes to mid thigh area or very light fabric BELTED (thin belt) denim dress on top with SHORT sleeves. So balance is key.

    I’m going to sound strange when I say this – but the patterned trousers should be the dessert and the top the main meal!!!! On someone else’s blog they were talking about relationships, ie a boyfriend should be the dessert! Sorry, I don’t express myself well!

  3. those feelings can give you whiplash, it’s amazing how small of an incident can bring such strong feelings, but at least you ended on a good note 🙂 and I like those pants, though I get what you’re saying about having a hard time pairing them with other colors.

  4. I see these pants as a fun challenge. As we hopefully move into true spring weather, why not find a top (tank, blouse, whatever) in the yellow or lime color. Next, top it off with a cardigan or blazer in the darkest color in the pants. (It looks like something in the deep purple family from the blog photo.) A sweater could be worn traditionally and partially buttoned, or tied around the neck for causual wear. On the other hand, a dark blazer would make this fun pair of pants business worthy while still making a statement. Happy hunting for those items! May the budget be with you!

  5. Go, girl! Love what you wrote in the beginning. Maybe a yellow top to match the yellow in the pants (and your fabulous nails)? Also, those boots are ridiculously cute!

  6. I have seen so many beautiful yellow peplum “t-shirts” out there and that would look great with these pants, with a chunky navy necklace or a deep purple would look great too…you always look great, in fact I have bought more prints lately-you have given me my inspiration back – thank you

    1. Great ideas! I have not tried those ideas- thanks so much!! I’m always meaning to try the denim shirt/tied idea, so now I have a chance to do so! Thanks xo

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